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07 mountaineer noisys diff.


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January 11, 2013
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2007 mountaineer prem
I have an 07 mountain premier 4.6l awd with about 58000 miles. The problem I have is every now and then the front diff will make a weird howl noise. Usually at low speed like from a stop to say 5mph. It only does this every once in a while. The only way to simulate it is to lock in 4wd. I took it to the deal and he told me that this is a normal characteristic for this vehicle. Every thing is ok.

So I was wondering if I replaced the front diff fluid with some 75w/90w synthetic Like royal purple. Would this help quite it down????? Thanks

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Mine does the same thing every once in a while Usually when I'm slightly turning.
I'm sure if I mentioned it to the dealer he wouldn't be able to replicate the issue. Happens maybe once a week.

you sure its not the front wheel bearing? Far more common than a diff going, it can sound similar. its kinda of hard to trouble shoot. Best method is to get it on a hoist and use a stethoscope and listen to each bearing as you turn it by hand. When i did my '04 i swear it was the left side. I did both at the same time, and guess what? once i got them out i could 'feel' the right one was bad.
If you want a good write up check the 3rd gen section. Its the same from '02 to '10 same rules apply.

Mine is like paulyjsob. Every once in a while when I start to take off and yes usually turning a bit at slow speed and only for a few seconds. I suppose more noticeable when it is cold out. It sound kinda like when locked in 4wd and driving on dry surface.

I think it is something to do with the clutches in the front diff. Thats why I am wondering if a synthetic oil would be better in there.

The dealer told me that everything check ok including the front bearings. If it was a bearing wouldn't it do it all the time?? That was my first thought.

same thing here ,after sitting 8 hours or overnight maybe once a month when cold and turning slightly. Lasts about 2-3 seconds.

Well I am glad I am not the only one. The question is does any one know why?? They do this. I am thinking about sticking some royal purple synthetic 75w-90 in the front diff. Guess well see if that helps. I was hoping some one here may have tried that all ready.

The whole system is electronically controlled. I think its a gremlin showing its ugly head every once in a while. Perhaps every once in a while it senses some slippage?
I had this checked out last year and everything looked normal. Hopefully it'll stay that way as my extended warranty expires in 3000 miles.