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07 Sport Trac Crank No Start


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July 18, 2017
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2008 Sport Trac XLT
Thanks for having this forum, and thanks in advance for the help I hope you all can provide!

Been dealing with a crank no start issue with my 08 Sport Trac for a few months. Essentially the truck will crank just fine, but at random it will not start. It doesn't seem to matter if it's first thing in the morning, when the engine is cold, or in the middle of the day after I've driven it somewhere, or sitting out in the summer heat. It just seems to 'decide' that it's not going to start. First time it happened I called a tow truck, but the time it got there he was able to start it up. It seems like if I let the truck sit for a while (30 minutes to an hour or sometimes more), it will start right up. There has been a few times where I go to start and it takes an additional couple of seconds of cranking to get it to start, but this also seems at random. Usually a few start cycles later it just decides to not start at all.

I've taken it to two different service departments to have them look it over. First place (AAA) was happy to take a Franklin and change from me to give me a laundry list of what it COULD be, but nothing conclusive. They gave me a nice list of things they'd replace (asking me to spend over a grand more). They were unable to replicate the problem. I decided to do the simplest thing and change out the spark plugs and wires. After I did that, I went a week or so with no issues, then the problem surfaced again. I then took it to another place and they had the truck with them for three days, but couldn't replicate it either. They at least gave me a rundown of what was working fine: 1) fuel pump good and pressure good, 2) power feed was good to the pump, 3) both primary and secondary ignition good, 4) EGR insufficient flow code - but that wouldn't cause the issue. They did confirm the valve wasn't stuck open, 5) fuses were intact, 6) didn't see a problem with the catalytic converter, and 7) didn't see a problem with the immobilizer.

I hope someone on this thread has run into this problem before, and can make some suggestions on what to check next. I've sunk some change already into this vehicle (replaced alternator, radiator, thermostat housing, and just this year the harmonic balancer) so I'm hoping this is just some small thing in the system that's acting up.

Thanks again!

Hi, I know this is a bit dated, but did you ever discover the issue? Thanks.

Hi, I know this is a bit dated, but did you ever discover the issue? Thanks.
One thing I find with most of these threads is no solution posted, most likely the solution was paid for.

Try the ECM or PCM relay (the location and size varies in the 2007-2010, so download manual from fleetford.com), a flakey relay would do that.
swap relay with the same from another location as a cheap test.
Relays of interest are the PCM (sometimes called ECM relay), and fuel pump relay

cough cough crank sensor cough