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.08 cents a day

I finally splurged and signed up. After being lazy, procrastinating, and being lazy some more I paid a measly 30 dollars and became an Elite Explorer. I highly encourage everyone to sign up.

My Explorer is pretty much stock.
No lift, ...yet. I've just bought some Superlift parts for the front and will get the rest soon.
It sits on 31x10.5 Bridgestone Dueler Mud Terrain Tires.
The first mod I did was to replace the auto hubs with Warn manual ones. It will always be in a stage of being upgraded. But here it is now. Hope you like it. Because that's the only reason I'm spending all this money on it in the first place. :D

(This is with the sway bars still connected)
Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed

Happy Trails!