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08 SPortTrac and dash lights flash on & off


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May 9, 2010
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2008 Sport Trac
I have a 08 Sport Trac with a 4.0l. Only mods are a Truxxx's lift and bigger tires.

I was driving today and I turned the steering a little for a jog in the road and the dash lights flashed off and on and the airbag and trac control light stayed on and finally shut off. It also sounded like a wire shorting sound and also sounded like it came from the left side panel by the drivers foot. I also noticed it happened more when I turned the wheel but done it also when driving straight.

Any idea's would be helpful.


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Well, the left side panel of your dash (open your driver side door to see/access it) is easily accessible if you just want to check that area for weird looking stuff. I really have no idea what that could be though - hope you get it worked out.
BTW - mind posting some shots of your lifted ST? It's always good to have more pictures of lifted ST's around.

What size tire do you have? And yes, post some pics! :thumbsup:

Sounds like a short and they suck sounds like it may be by the stering column check that out since it happened when turning the wheel.

Broke down and took it to ford. They said it was the clock spring behind the steering wheel. Part installed around $250.00. I asked if it was common, and he said no, but they have placed some. So I take it as a yes.

I will post some pics, to cold to wash it.


Well, dash lights started flashing again and the door locks would lock and airbag light would flash. Finally.... They found the alternator was going bad. Replaced the alternator and no more problems..