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09 Transmission??


June 12, 2019
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Knoxville TN
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2009 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I have a 09 4X4 with 125K. I have always been a little worried about transmission problems, but had not noticed any problems until a few days ago when after cruising on interstate for about 3 hours the truck started to lurch and shudder every 5 minutes or so while making a noticeable metal banging sound from the rear. The check engine light also came on. A check of the code showed fuel pressure sensor, which has been a recurring issue for me, but light has always gone off after a few miles.

This problem repeated several times for about 15 minutes while I tried to exit, then stopped. Truck has been running fine ever since, but check engine light remains on.

I can't say for sure if this was transmission or engine related. I thought the tranny problems were usually with shifting, but are there issues when just cruising along in overdrive too? Anyone else ever experience something like this? Thanks!