1 12" sub, 1 amp, and 2 6x9s... how to hook them all up? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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1 12" sub, 1 amp, and 2 6x9s... how to hook them all up?


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April 14, 2007
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1997 XLT
My friend has a 800 watt sony xplod 12" sub. He also has 2 kicker 6x9s. he wants to hook his amp up to all of them. is this possible? the only way i can think is he has a 4 channel amp so can you run 3 channels to the sub and split one channel to the 6x9s? it is an 800 watt amp so by my figureing, that would be 600 to the sub and 100 to each 6x9s. is it possible to do it this way? and if so how exactly would we wire 3 channels to one sub? i know of something called bridgeing but i am not sure how to do it. thanks for any help.

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You didn't give alot of details but if he has a 4 channel amp and a 800 watt sony xplod 12" sub, most of those Sony 12" Xplod's are dual voice coil so 2 channels would go to the sub and the other two to the 6x9, I would recommend getting crossovers for the speakers or you will be sending the same full range audio to all 4 channels, you want to filter out the low bass for the 6x9's and filter the highs and mids away from the sub

ok... well i dont know much about stereo systems but, could i just take 3 channels and put all the positives to one wire and then all the negatives to another wire and then send it to the speaker like that? or would that not work?

probably not, the sub handles more power than the speakerss and having all the wires have the same amount of power out will blow the speakers up

Why don't you look up the model number of the amp online to see what can and can't be bridged. Usually 4 channel amps can only bridge two channels. Pay attention to ohm loads too. If you have a 2 ohm sub and the amp probably will cut in and out because most 4 channel amps are only rated to a min of 4 ohms bridged.