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1-2 shift harsh on 5R55E


May 17, 2007
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97 SOHC 4.0L
It really bother me the harsh shift when it's up and down between 1-2.
And specially down shift always skips 2nd.
Also I feel delay the shift schedule.
I took to FORD and they reinstalled to new separate plate and added SUPERIOR KIT. But it didn't make better.
Shuld I replace all the solenoids? Or any other part I should look for?
Please!! need your help!! :rolleyes:

97 SOHC 4.0L

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Sorry for taking so long to get back... somehow missed your post.

The 1-2 shift in the 5R55E is caused by applying the overdrive, or "front" band.

The signal to shift in generated via the computer from a number of inputs. When the shift is to occur, the 1-2 shift valve is actuated and the servo to apply the band is actuated. The actuation is buffered via an accumulator circuit.

You and the dealer were right to check the valve body first, as this condition can often be valve body related, either due to sep plate issues or gasket and screw torque issues. Thos have been addressed without success. (Query if anyone checked bore 203 (1-2 shift) for freedom of movement). A sticking 1-2 shift valve can cause this.

A misadjusted front band can mimic this issue... so an easy thing to do is check and readjust the front (OD) band. The band itself could have suffered some damage...or the friction material can have had something happen.... (glazed slightly for example....).

The OD servo could have a bad piston, and in higher mileage vehicles these servos get fried by their prooximity to the CAT.

Without more, I'd adjust the front band, consider replacing the front servo, and make sure the 1-2 shift spool is moving freely.

Wish I could be more help.

ps. I am doubting electrical input as a problem, though it is possible, as is direct drum damage which I also doubt.

Thanks Glacier991.
I will bring this info to my Ford, and see what they can do.
oh, I had 1st gear slipped this morning.
But that was only once.

wrong place to check?

Hi Glacier991, I took your advice to Ford.
Then they told me that they will check on transfer first.
If it's fine, then check on OD band and servo.
How is that sound to you?

I believe I could get fixed transmission if I'm in US.
But Japanese mechanic always replace assy.
Do you know how much the price for new transmission (without TC.) ?

97 SOHC 4.0L

I've got another problem, abs light came on.
I haven't tell you that I used to feel abs act softly when harsh shift 2-1 it's right before stop.
And usually hear the "clunk" sound form underneath.
Is the abs problem related to sticky gears (OD band) ??

97 SOHC 4.0L:confused: