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1 gen aftermarket bumpers on a 2 gen


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September 13, 2007
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97 Xlt and 97 Sport
Hey everyone i just have a quick question about the fitment of first gen bumpers on a 2 gen explorer.

I have a 97 sport and i was looking into picking up a set of bumpers that would be coming off of a 94 sport i believe. I was wondering about the fitment on the frame as well as how the rear bumper would fit around the body of the ex as it wraps around a bit for protecting the rear lights.

The front is a smittybuilt type of winch bumper and the rear is a custom made

Any info on this would be awesome as a fellow forum member is offering me an awesome deal on some sweet tube bumpers... help me and him out a little bit.

I understand that this might require some modification to the attach points for the frame but if so can it be done relatively easy as well as keep the safety and strength intact?


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The rear bolts on the same for any year before the 3rd generation.

The front is a bunch different. The 91-94 bumpers have four bolts which go through the sides of the frame. The 95-01's have four bolts which go back straight through the frame horns. Being an aftermarket bumper it may be best to cut off the mounts of the bumper and weld on a plate that matches the frame holes. The holes are almost in the same plane, they are offset less than an inch. Good luck,

rear bumpers are the same


hmm... thanks guys.. i guess i didnt pay attention to the rear bumpers being the same....

I may be able to get someone to help me fix up the front.. you think the rear will fit around the body well and not look weird? I guess id have to try it out!

Thanks a bunch though! Now i just have to just scrounge up the money and try to convince the wife!

The front of the 95-01's isn't quite as flat, straight across. I was going to use my 93 bumper on my 99 until I noticed the different contour. An aftermarket bumper surely sets out farther, so it shouldn't be noticeable at all.