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1 Inch Body lift?

sc4wda XLT

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December 3, 2001
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'92 XLT
Does anyone know of a company that makes 1 inch body lifts for X's. If not, is there another application such as ranger 1 inch body lifts that may work.

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Well my buddy and I just ordered 1" pucks from 4 wheel parts. They were like 1.20 each and we got 10. We had to go buy 4 new bolts best grade we could find was 8.8

Look in their body lift page and then go to replacement parts.


Thanks. I found em. Other than finding longer bolts was there anything else you had to get. I figure I will have to adjust my fan shroud slightly but other than that...anything else. Thanks again

I was gonna do this a while back and compiled all the research on it. You can lower or cut the fan shroud. You might have to lower the ground straps... bumpers if you so choose. And check all the linkages an dbreaklines when you're done.


Well with the 1" spacers we didn't have to do anything to the fan shroud or ground straps.

we used 2 of the bolts that didn't fit elsewhere and used them for the front body mounts after drilling out the threads on the body mount.

Next we will do the 1" spacers on my 93 Sport so now we know what to watch for on mine.

I used MORE 1" pucks for a 1" lift. The stock bolts were long enough to reuse(the ones not rusted that is). Even with the 1" spacer they had 3-4 threads exposed through the bottom, so I was confident in the connection- its hard to find the metric bolts in long lengths and the 9.8 and 10.9 grades the stock mounts use. All I did was rehang the fan shroud- a simple metal strap a tap and the stock screws. The bumper brackets had enough adjustment to bring them up to look stock. I didnt have a problenm with the ground strap at the rear of the engine/firewall area.

The lift made a huge difference in the amount of room available to work around the engine and tranny. Added some tire clearance also.

I have my 10 pucks available for $30 plus shipping- t6061 aluminum - sides painted black.

It took me a couple of hours to remove and replace 9 mounts - the tenth was rusted so bad I had to order a new upper and lower bushing and two new bolts(replaced both rearmost bolts)- took three days to get them in...

well just got email today from buddy and it looks like he was out playing around with the Ex yesterday and when he got on the throttle he kept hearing a hmmmm. Looks like the fan shroud was rubbing when the engine torqued and rocked. He pulled out the dremel and did some trimming about the thickness of a dime and all is fine now.