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100% autostop with 302A / adaptive cruise ?


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October 19, 2011
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'13 Limited 4WD 302A Tow

We are now seeing many ads illustrating FULL auto stop to avoid a collision w/o the driver ever touching the brake, some even braking if something is sensed when backing up.
For those of us with the 302A package do you think we will ever be able to “upgrade” to this feature? We already have all the hardware there, all we need is a software reprogramming!!!
If Ford won’t make that available, how about after market???
I would gladly pay the $$$.
Are you listening Ford ???

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Yeah I dont understand the 20mph cut off.........what if the driver became disabled, the stopping feature would at a minimum bring things to a halt if cruise was set.

Maybe reset down to 5mph?

Adaptive Cruise Control disengages when speed drops below 16 mph.


Ford has no systems that are sold in the North American Market that can automatically brake the car and mitigate a crash. They have been available in overseas markets for sometime. The 2016 MKX is the first vehicle that will have that capability sold in NA, but Ford has been silent as to what other vehicle lines will receive it and when they will.

"Crystal" :

First of all, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is never easy.
FYI: I would sooooo appreciate your forwarding this subject, (upgrading our 302-A / adaptive cruise control systems), to 100% auto stop. Many competitors now advertise this safety feature. All it would require is a softwear / dealer laptop change. FORD: imagine the great PR this retrofit would generate.
Thank You!

David, the only way to send suggestion to Ford is by use of the Ford Social website. There is a thread on that; http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=401892
That has also been mentioned/confirmed by the Ford reps here. They don't interface with Ford engineers, designers etc. They are a go between the customer and the Regional Customer Service Manager.



Long time no 'see' , (and fellow MKT owner).
Thanks for the info. 'Will do that.
BTW, yes, I still have the '13 Limited EX too ...
"Hi" to the pooches-

I image the technology is already there but it would be a liability nightmare if folks just stopped bothering to brake and let the car do it.