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100W too much for fogs?

Riddle me this if ya will...

I plan on getting a pair of fogs that I'll used with my low beams. I was thinking about getting the ole' standby Hella 500. I really like the looks of the KC SlimLight 100W Fogs. (Since I already have them in driving beams ~ and boy are they bright!)
My question is, is 100W too bright for fog lights? They say they only have a CP of 40,000 compared to the 180,000 of the driving beam form. Can the flutes on the lens cause this much of a difference in light output for the same wattage bulbs?

I guess I'm going by the ~ don't use your highs in fog ~ idealology. Would the 100W lights be too bright to run with your low beams (and thus tick off all of the oncoming traffic?) Thanks y'all

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I put some APC Super White headlights and Fog lights in last night. The headlights are 9007 and are 100W and the Fogs are 9005 100W. They are 100% better than stock to me. They are very bright and put out alot more light. They have a hint of blue to them but it looks really good since my clear corners are super white also. The one problem I do find since i put them inlast night is that the Fog light lens gets pretty hot! I am thinkin one day if i have the fogs on for a while and then go to the car wash and wash my truck will the cold water crack the lens since it is pretty hot? Well this si just my 2 cents.;)

It's no so much the wattage as it is the lens cut and mounting height that makes the biggest difference. If you mount them on a brushguard and aim them correct, chances are they'll still be blinding even at 40W or so. That is why most foglights are mounted in the bottom of the bumper, I believe less than 18" or so from the ground is the norm.

Also, if it is a quality foglight, the dispersion of the light will be good and you won't have so many stray beams going up and off to faraway places.

These are two of the most important things to consider in an "on-all-the-time" foglight; you don't want people pissed at you and flashing you all the time because you picked out the wrong foglights and mounted them in the wrong place. I would look at this before wattage. But that's just my opinion I guess ;)

Didn't finish reading your post till now: One more thing. Brightness is not solely determined by candlepower or wattage. The projection is done greatly by the lens. I can get 1000W pilots form walmart and chances are I'll see way more with my 55W PIAAs :D

If some people around town have different fog lights, see if you can get a group of different brands together, or even the same brand and style at different mounting heights. Then take a ride with each one and compare. That'd be your best bet, though probably not the easiest.

Where are you planning on mounting them?

Originally posted by brendan
Where are you planning on mounting them?

Up high.. on the brushguard ;) (So they will be bumper/grille height)

I figured that Hella 500 and the KC SlimLights were both quality lights and would have good lenses and good beam patterns.

I like the idea of the Hella's being 55W and cheaper, but I like the KC's looks, and durability better (and they would match what I already have)... But it would be stupid to put lower wattage bulbs in them.

But yes, I don't want to be that jerk driving around with his fogs blinding people, but I'll have em switched so they won't be on all the time.

If you like the KCs I'd go with them. As long as they're the fog pattern they shouldn't be too bad. I had PIAA 940s (55W) mounted on my brushguard; they have both driving and fog lamps together. The driving I used to get flashed all the time when I left them on. But the fogs I rarely got flashed, although it did happen occasionally. You can always turn them off!

this will totally make your fogs non functional. or so it seems to me.

for example....you ever notice how when driving in the fog its always worse if you drive with your high beams on? thats exactly what it will seam like if you put 100w bulbs in

You are correct peter, that's what I've been trying to say all along. Wattage isn't key in fog light functionality.