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12" built in ?


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March 27, 2006
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Auburn, AL
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98 XLT
what's up audio guys? im lookin' to put my 12" back in my x, but i was definately going to build a new box. i've seen boxes built into the cargo net area over the wheel well in the back, but only with 10"s. anyone been able to do it with a 12? let me know what you guys think. thanks

That space is not deep enough or wide enough for a 12" sub.

You could put one of those low profile 12's in there. I have seen that subwoofer with the depth of about 3-4 inches.

It might be done IF---
You make your own box--and install a ring and grill for front of the driver--on the visible side of the rear trim panel.
This might get you an inch for depth?