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12 inch "Stealth" sub build


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January 13, 2010
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Kenmore , WA
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1992 Explorer XLT
Hey guys, just finished the final install of my new 12 inch "Stealth" sub install. I choose this set up because my cargo space is dear to me, yet i still wanted more to my system. I choose to use the factory location in my 92 Ex, for those of you unfamiliar with that area; it is on the passenger side in the cargo area behind the paneling. I decided that i wanted to use more air space that just behind the panel and i also wanted to use a 12inch subwoofer. I started designing the basic shape on google sketch up; however, the final product was different.

Step 1. Take off the interior panel. This is easy to do, and Auto Zone sells a tool to help take off the push pins; however, i just pulled them off with some pliers. You also have to remove the seat belt to totally remove the piece.

Step 2. Make a template out of cardboard of what the box will look like.

Step 3. Transfer this to 1 inch mdf1

Step 4: Begin glueing pieces together and drilling/ counter sinking drill holes.

Step 5: Close up the box and sand it down.

Step 6: Run wires, and paint.

Step 7: Make a speaker grill and mount the best logo possible.

Step 8. Cut and remount interior trim piece.

Step 9. Install the box.

Step 10. Hook up amp, if already installed, wire sub back into amp.

Step 11. Enjoy your sweet new system and available cargo space!


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Final Install


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Sounds awesome! Really filled in my lacking lower end.

Sub is an old clif designs 12 from like 1992. Thing bumps. Amp is a cheap hitron 1110 watt class d amp that actually has some decent output. Doesn't get hot and hasn't had any problems yet. Might be upgrading the sub to an alpine type r dual 4 ohm or a re audio se-x dual 4 ohm.

How far does it stick out sideways? I want to do something like this as the 10" Elemental Designs sub I have in a stealth Q-Logic enclosure sounds great (whole system was for SQ) but I want more low end. I just cant give up to much space as I play a lot of golf and other outdoor stuff so space is needed. Maybe I will do a false floor with a couple shallow mount 12's. Nice DIY job.

It goes to right where the plastic inner wheel well covering was. It takes up very little space. And sounds great!

How many cubes is the box?

I believe it's between 1.5 - 2 cubic feet.

That's a little big for most 12's. It's going to cut down on the power handling a bit. I would add some scrap wood to the inside to take up some volume.