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120v Outlet and Inverter Installation

Good thinking, I like what Ritsui did...keeps everuthing clean that way too :)

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Ive seen power company trucks with outlets on the back and sides, but they were big clunky outdoor outlet boxes. I personally wouldn't want that on the outside of mine.

i know this is bringing back an old thread but can i wire one up that plugs into the cig wire? like cut that off and splice into cig lighter power or to battery?

if you have a smaller inverter I would put a 12v fan or something blowing across the heatsink if it doesnt come with one.

here is what i did. its a dual plug one in back on up front




Looks good, I had done this in my taurus about 2 years ago, and then one of the first things I did in my explorer

sad thing is i have yet to use it lol. we did make a trip to tulsa but we took my girls truck b/c well it gets way better gas mileage lol

This thread has inspired me to go shopping tomorrow, we will see what the store brings me to purchase and what my dremel tool will be cutting:)

Been thinking about doing this for awhile and now that i have seen this thread I am definitely going to :D