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130 watts

I have the SlimLite -100 Watt #124 Driving lights.


I love them there great lights but you always want something a bit better. I want to replace the 100w bulbs (2767) with the 130w bulbs (2766). It should be fine as KC makes the Slimlite long range light that uses a 130w bulb. Has anyone done this with there KC's?

Bill Kemp

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April 2, 2000
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Yes I did. Had them in for a couple of months. Used only when High Beam was on. No problem. I replaced them with PIAA 80s (now 580) and used the same 130W bulbs in the 80s. Had them for 4 or 5 years.
The PIAA 80s are brighter because they are a little deeper than the slim lights. However the slim lights are better than most and are really bright and they fit where many deeper lights (Daylighter, ect.) will not.


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November 6, 2000
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Assuming everything is metal (housing, guards, etc.) and the lens is all glass with either a metal or ceramic backing (which it should be anyway for 100W bulbs), 130W should be fine. The only other consideration would be the wiring, you may want to double check that the wire is of a decent gauge (at least 12 AWG, 10 AWG would be better for 100/130W lights), the relay is at least a 30A (a heavy duty 40A would be better for 100/130W, or a Bosch 30A which are actually good for 40A), and the fuse might need to be changed for the higher draw.

Considering the standard wiring harnesses for the lights are pretty wimpy, you might see an improvement just by upgrading the wiring to some 10 AWG all around, both from the battery to the relay, the relay to ground, the lights to ground, and of course from the relay to the lights.

Overall I don't think 130W bulbs will do much in terms of visibility. Sure, it will "look" brighter...but it might just be more glare and light thrown everywhere. Housings and lens designs are optimized for a certain amount of light, and going over that doesn't do anything other than waste energy and scatter the light, creating glare, and burning stuff up from the additional heat. Big 8 inch long range lights are probably just the thing for 130W bulbs, but 6 inch driving lights with fluted lenses, and a guard in the way might be best off with a properly powered 100W in them instead.

That said, I guess you could get the bulbs and at least try it to see if the difference is noticeable and what you're looking for. Maybe even just change one bulb to do a side by side beam check.


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October 18, 2006
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Anime, what your saying I think is dead right that's why I kinda was hoping I would find someone like Bill who had do it already done it. When I installed I used 10 awg all the way but I used the stock relay, I just look at kc site and the wiring harness for the 100w and 130w lights is the same one (6315). I believe the stock relay is 30 amps and that's plenty. Also the Slimlite are all metal with glass lenses there a pretty good quality light. So I should be good to go.