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1350/1354 doubler build


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July 27, 2017
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Hutchinson, MN
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1998 explorer sport xlt
Hey guys Im sure there are some of these build threads on here but I wanted to share with you my 1350/1354 doubler build. I got the output shaft from behemoth drivetrain, I was skeptical because of some bad experiences I've read about them but it was my only option I had and went with it, needless to say that shaft is awesome! Otherwise I just followed the 1350/1354 doubler build thread on the ranger station and I cannot wait to hit the rocks next spring!! Also I went topless and rear dove tail and it's getting a half cage next weekend so I'll post some pix of that on here as well. You guys can follow me on Instagram if you'd like! @red_ex_offroad






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I need one of these for my BII so bad!!

Nicely done. Any regrets? things you would change?

No regrets yet, haven't got to wheel with it yet so I'm excited! Still just have 2wd because I haven't lengthened my fro t drive shaft yet but in 4 low low at idle I can step on the brakes and it'll just spin the rear tires... At idle!! So excited

low low is far better then just low
Do you have pics of your linkage?
I love the chopped sport, they are so capable on trails!!!
I have never chopped my 88, but I keep threatening to....its a Bronco it does not need a top!

Well for the front case I just used the stock linkage but I gotta brainstorm a linkage for the rear case yet, I'll post pix when I get that in, also needed relocate my gas tank into the explorer itself so now it's new home is behind the seats otherwise the doubler was too long and gas tank was in the way

Use a bronco II rear tank? They are 23 gallon!
Mocking up linkage is oh so fun
I stuffed a twin sticked Np205 setup into a 1984 Ranger using a really nice billet dual cable shifter assembly.....but the customer had a larger budget for that truck build...shifter was about $400

Jesus haha.. yea if I can build something myself that's what I do

how much invested in the doubler? I already have the t cases

behemoth has a doubler that tears down the front case if I remember right it adds only four inches to the overall length I've got a 4:1 box from behemouth goes to jeep 23 spline and ford dana20 still trying to make it work plus linkage this will make my bronco II a real rock crawler

Well the shaft I got from behemoth it's the shaft for the 1354 t-case that was 250 the 1350 case I bought for 75$ and I got the 3/8 plate steel and tube for the spacer at my work for free.. the behemoth shaft was about 1.5 inches too long so that's why I had to use a chunk of 5" tube that I cut at 1.5 inches

Why was it too long? Don't they make it for this application? It has been years since I researched the 1350/54 doubler, but I have been collecting parts

It came out very nice! Looks well built

Thank you, lots of time and thought put I to this. The shaft was longer because its the shaft he uses for his strong boxes that he makes for the 1354 case, you can buy his strong box set up for 699$ but I messaged him and he said he does sell the shaft separatly so I figured I'd save myself a few hundred dollars and make his shaft work since I didn't wanna try and weld one together like some so and then fail eventually. I really considered just getting his strong box but you still gotta use the 1350 gears so I figured I'd test my skills since you had to buy a 1350 case anyways. He also said if my set up didn't work he would sell his case to me for 550 since I already bought the shaft so he's easy to deal with

dang that's a good price
I can totally build that! I already have the 1350 and numerous 1354's

Thanks alot for the info!

Also a good tip and trick I'll offer is I got two 12x12 pieces of plexy glass from Menards and made stencils for the bolt pattern on the 3/8 plate. When I had the case apart I just marked where the holes where drilled them out then drew them on to the plate steel and drilled them out otherwise it's a serious guessing game where to drill your holes. Also I drilled out the hole for the shaft first then centered it and traced everything in from that so that way I knew I would be right on

smart! I have cut the t cases in half before, so I could plug the back of auto transmissions when we are pulling drivetrains, but I like the plexi idea better!!

that is a good looking doubler most look like a chicken walked across a ****

Haha well I wanted to do it once and not have to mess with it because I half assed it so hopefully she holds up for a good while!

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