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1350m shift linkage work on 1354m?


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February 12, 2010
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placerville, ca
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1989 Bronco 2 with 92 4.0
getting a 1354 manual transfer case with no linkage. local junkyard has 2 1350m with linkage - anybody tried the 1350m shift linkage on a 1354m?

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Here you go.


Could you do me a big favor and get me the dimensions off the little linkage for the tcase. it looks like this:


I need the hole dimensions and the length of the lever. I would greatly appreciate it. I can't find this thing anywhere and I need it for my tcase.

haven't picked up a linkage yet- want to see if anyone has done this yet. I will call my local junkyard and see how much it wants for the linkage.

local junkyard says $35 for linkage and shifter lever off 1350m

call another car-part.com junkyard that has a 1354m for $150. they said that all the linkage stuff goes in the disposal pile. If I want one I would need to leave a note with them for the next tear down.

Could you do me a big favor and get me the dimensions off the little linkage for the tcase.
From a 1354:

IZwack...YOU ROCK!! Do you know the size of the hole in that part?

No sorry I don't - but if you have the transfer case on hand, you should be able to get some measurements from that.

That's cool. I appreciate the help!

the 1350 pawl is flat, no z-bend and the rubber holder hits the driveshaft.
no inclination in the hole.
stud on 1354m is .300,
center to center looks to be 2 inches
shift linkage arms look to be about 1.5 inches too far away from each other.
will take some mock up pictures later on to show the differences. Going to need to weld a bracket on to shift pawl first and then play with the angles to see how to put a shift rod in.

which is why I said "from a 1354".

I know but my org post is how to fit a 1350 linkage on a 1354m
pic of the 1350m shift linkage on the fm146 and bw1354m - the fm146 holes are the same as the m50d. you can see that they are about 2" inches off.

2 guy's pmd me that they have the 1354m linkage. - just going to buy the correct one instead of creating one.


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I planning to swap my 1350 with a 1354. I dont have the linkage, does anyone have the linkage before I try to create one?