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$149 Sony DSC-P45


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May 3, 2003
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A little biased, but all my digital media equipment I have is Sony.

I saw the ad in the Walmart flier about this camera about a week ago in the mail.

Due to the fact that my DSC P31 croaked on me around a year ago, I needed another small inexpensive camera to take with me on my 4x4 wheeling trips/events and to write my automotive tech articles as my old yet die hard Mavica FD95 is a bit too cumbersome to just haul around some times.

I checked online in several places, one of the places being here and the info on the camera was just a bit vauge.

Seeing as though I had to run over to Walmart for some things to pick up I decided to scope out this camera in person.

Upon looking at it I really liked the large LCD display and it's small size, especially compared to my DSC P31, but thought that since the display is not recessed that this will be very easy to get scratched and/or marred.

The twist knob on the top is nice and allows you to quickly go between settings that you desire in a snap, but leads me to belive that the knob could be damaged or because it's mechanical that it has the posibility to fail after prolonged use, but I also see it being used on more newer Sony camers now days.

The big turn on about this camera over my DSC P31 is that the lenze is atually an optical zoom insted of just a digital zoom, which it also has, so I don't wind up with grainy telephoto shots, coupled with the resolution this is a nice bang for the buck, IMO.

It came with a lack lust amount of onboard memory so I decided to also purchace the Sony DUO PRO 1gig mem stick with it.

Yuppers, I went on ahead and bought it, with the 1gig mem stick I paid $200.

I was disappointed that the mem sticks had changed as I had a 256k for the DSC P31, that with the Sony floppy adapter (that I now need to replace as it has failed after 4 years of use) would work in my FD95 and my home based computer.

It also disturbed me that the USB and the A/V jacks were not protected with a cover like they are on my other Sony cameras including my Sony video camera, leaving them open to the elements and damage.

Once I got the DSC S45 home and re-opened the package I also noticed that the instructions we very basic and lacking about informing you on the more advanced functions of the camea, leading you to have to "play around" with it in order to figure out how to work it, case in point the "Brust" feature, which was some thing that is nice to have for some of the things I do which includes a lot of action shots.

This is a RTG (ready to go) set-up, camera, software, USB cable, camera to RCA cable (for hooking to a TV and such), batteries, memory stick adapter, and wrist strap.

Did I look at other cameras?

No not really, I obseved but didn't really didn't cost/comapare others to this camera, and there was prolly a better bang for the buck out there, case in point is that, what problems I have has with Sony products has been few, thier features and functions between equipment is very, very similar so I wouldn't have to re-learn how to use another camera and it's funtions, it was with-in a price range that I was looking for and had the features and some extras that made it worth it to me.

Yes like I mentioned there were some/few draw backs, but for the most part I was very happy with this purchace, and belive that I will, like my other Sony products, get years of good use out of it.

I should also add that I'm quite rough on my equipment too, not that I intensionally go out and beat-up my stuff, just the enviroment that I use it for is quite harsh and abusive.

In short it fit my bill for completing the task at hand, it fit in budget for a replacing the DSC P31 and best of all, it fits in my pocket a lot better that the DSC P31 ;)

By no means am I a profesional about cameras or photography, I'm am an average joe that just does his own thing, but likes to shoot lots of pictures.
This is just my own opinion about this camera and saw that no one hadn't really had carnal knowledge about it.
I basically wanted to let you all know what kind of expeience I had with it and thoughts.
Hopefully this may or may not help you with a purchace of this camera.

If you have any questions I'll be glad to help you out as much as possible.

Ad for the same camera at Circut City, they were selling it for $199:


Jeff - :navajo: