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15 things we don't know about you...


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September 23, 2002
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'05 Toyota 4Runner SE V8
This was posted over on the Ranger Forums....so I wanted to get it started over here too.

I'll be first...

1. I have a cat named Misty, no dogs
2. My first truck was a '98 S-10 P.O.S.
3. I'm 20, but still a kid at heart
4. I am one of 6 children in my family, ages 3 to 23!
5. I don't smoke and very rarely drink
6. I have issues with commitment, just ask the last g/f
7. I am from Orlando, Florida
8. I love italian food
9. I hate country music, can't stand it
10. I am a substitute teacher for Cobb County Schools
11. I work at the Georgia Tech Research Institute
12. I go to school at Kennesaw State University and hate it
13. I am a VERY picky person
14. I am very calm with no temper, but I do have road rage
15. I am very tall...6' 4" to be exact

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well i guess i'll give it a shot also...

1. i have a cat named ******** (he earned it)
2. my first car was a 81 mazda glc hatchback (it could go anywhere)
3. i'm 26 and still a kid at heart
4. i am the oldest and the only child (parents divorced and remarried)
5. i unfortunately smoke again, but very rarely drink
6. i'm married, have a 12 year old son and a 8.5 month old daughter
7. born in fort worth, tx raised in granbury, tx
8. i like mexican food (grandmother 100% hispanic)
9. i like most music, prefer not to listen to country music though
10. i am a network center technician @ SBC/Advanced Solutions Inc.
11. i'm trying to find the time to get my company to pay for me to go back to school.
12. i am carefree but have a bad temper, i do get road rage sometimes (or get even take it how you want)
13. i like to find easier ways to do things
14. i am about 5'10'' and 225 lbs. but i think i carry it well :p
15. i like the simple things in life, unless it is really neat:D

I think asking for 15 things requires too much thought.
Here's one thing you dont know about me. My girlfriend can fit all three of my balls in her mouth.


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1. wife is STILL in college
2. i play guitar/was in a band in HS
3. im an x-mustang guy
4. Saving Private Ryan is the only movie i ever cried at
5. i meticulously maintain my front yard/ backyard looks like crap
6. in 8th grade i got beat up bad enough to be in the hospital for 2 days
7. first vehicle was a 72 chevy stepside
8. i dated my wife off/on for 5yrs.
9. i HATE cold weather
10. i like my steaks cooked with a flashlight
11. i do not curse around my parents
12. im an insomniac
13. my father is a Marine Corps Vietnam vet (65-67)
14. i used to be into car audio (and i dont have one post in the audio forum)
15. best friend is a programmer; and i still know very little about computers

1. I have a cat named Muzzy
2. Female cat named Homer(very lazy, basks in the sun most of the day
3. Female Brown Lab name Murphy(get it, Murphy Brown, ahhh..)
4. My first vehicle was a 94' explorer
5. Contrary to my name I don't eat a lot of eggs(although I do enjoy them from time to time)
6. I never drink/smoke etc
7. I did high center the explorer trying to bump it over a some rock
8. A f-350 v10 pulled me out, and asked for 20 bucks when it took him about 2 minutes to pull me out
9. I love cold weather and the snow
10). Flyfishing is my life
11). I like Neil Young, Van, Hootie and the Blowfish and some other choice music
12). I'm 6 feet tall 'bout 150 pounds
13). I try to take my x as extreme as it can go
14). That is why I get stuck far to often
15). I have learned that my x doesn't do well in sand;)

1. Dog's name - Shugah (Shug)
2. Wife's name - Beth (B)
3. New best friend's name - Panasonic (53" widescreen)
4. Can't stand GOP politicians :D
5. Smoke too much (only cigs)
6. Drink too much (only vodka)
7. Eat too much (6' - 230)
8. Spend too much time in chat room
9. Haven't wheeled much since HS (10 years)
10. VCU Alumni (Cum Laude)
11. VP (family biz)
12. Born and raised - Richmond, VA (greatest state)
13. Favorite Movie - The Usual Suspects
14. Favorite Band - DMB
15. Pretty d@mn addicted to this web site

1-Almost 23 years old
2-I get hurt LOTS (Something to do with kickboxing, skateboarding and mountain biking, go figure)
3-I have 10 body piercings
4-I have 8 tattoos
5-I'm about 6'1" and 185 lbs
6-Before it had a stereo "Camping" in the cargo are of my X was fun
7-I hate NASCAR
8-I hate Country Music
9-I like black metal and death metal
10-I love WRC racing
11-I love British Touring car racing
12-ALL team sports suck
13-I spend too much on toys and my gf gets mad
14-I have over $2000 worth of Oakley sunglasses (1 pair at $525.00 Canadian)
15-I want an Escalade on 24" Oasis wheels

1. I am 21 yrs old.
2. 6' 180 lbs
3. Im a Sergeant in the Marines; get out in May.
4. I live in Japan and havent seen my X in 6 months.
5. Girlfriend and I cant seem to cope with distance between us.
6. I love working out and all sports.
7. I own 2 jeeps....74,80 cj5's
8. I am on this site 5 out of 9 hours of work a day.:)
9. I am from Charleston, SC..born and raised
10. I often read threads without posting b/c normally someone has almost always already answered
11. I am getting a bull mastiff pup when i get home in May.
12. I drink.....alot
13. Dont smoke....at all!!!
14. After 6 months....Im still not really attracted to Japanese woman...though they are starting to grow on me as the months go bye.
15. I want my 2nd to be one of the biggest in a year or so once i get home.

1. I love Halibut fishing - Pulling up a 100 lb fish
2. I have a dog Sarah (hate her) Wife luvs
3. A cat Stripey (hate her) son loves
4. Want my own dog (one from a boxer resue)
5. First transportation a 400cc Honda Hawk Automatic
6. I love Bruce Willis movies (wore out die-hard movies)
7. Insomniac who sleeps on average 5hrs a night or less
8. Listen to everything but Rap and Speed metal
9. Haven't cut my hair in over a year, trying a pony
10. Can't work with women they are too emotional/stupi
11. I design bldgs that we build in sections in a plant
12. Made 52k first yr with Co. and have no Degree
13. My wife calls my best friend my other wife
14. Morning commute creating next Road Rage headline
15. 34 yrs 6'1" tall and 380lbs working on loosing weight

Okay here goes..
1. Born in Miami, 1966 makes me 36
2. Graduated high school in northern Ca.
3. Now live in Tn. who new?
4. enjoy watching Nascar with my son
5. Been married over eight years to my wife Michele
6. Have two children, Ben is 27 months, and Sarah is 15 months.
7. Hooked on offroading since about 1982
8. favorite band Journey
9. Now work for a national grocer, but started out as a heavy duty tow truck driver in Fl. Used to repo cars as well
10. Am currently restoring our home, it was built in 1906
11. also restoring a 1929 ford model A roadster, it was my wifes grandfathers car.
12. love bass fishing, but have no more time for it
13. Used to suffer from road rage, now I could careless
14. My kids are my world, and mean everything to me!
15. And yes my name is David, and I am an EXOHOLIC, I can't seem to function with out my daily dose of this forum:D

1. 23 years old
2. Been married for 5 months to Kelly and we bought a house
3. Don't make a bunch of money but i am very happy with what i do and make
4. LOVE baseball, was the closer in our 3rd place season in HS
5. 2 dogs--Ramsey and Kasper, both Goldens
6. Toolman for Weatherford Compleitions, oilfield work
7. First vehicle-92 Ranger 4x4. Been hooked eversince
8. Have no idea why i put "Happy trails!!" after my posts!
9. SSGt in the Air Force National Guard
10. Would rather Bow Hunt then do anything
11. Would go camping every weekend if i could
12. Had to go to theropy when i was a kid for telling my Mom i was going to run away all the time
13. Had to go to theropy in HS cause i talked (still do) really fast
14. My wife and i love playing board games with other friends
15. I am a Christian would love to talk to anyone about it.

Happy trails!!

1. I'm 28, hubby is 23. :D
2. Had 3 daughters by the time I was 23. Again, :D
3. Just signed a contract on a brand new house last Thursday. Moving in February.
4. I manage a medical clinic by day and throw newspapers at night from 1:30 to ~ 4:30 am. Debt reduction baby!
5. Had 3 hospital visits last year.
6. Born in Oconto Falls, WI.
7. Think most girls are fakes-- just not a lot of trust there.
8. Have "just" a 2 yr degree + 7 years experience and this is the first year I have made more than my non-degreed husband.
9. Have a half-brother who is younger than my oldest 2 daughters
10. Don't smoke, have never tried drugs. Alcohol has recently started making me sick so that's no fun anymore, either.
11. Only child until age 20.
12. Worked in labor and delivery for 4 years.
13. According to a custody evaluator's testing, I am a sad and tense person. :rolleyes: Ask Ryan if that is true! LOL
14. Love rock music. Old, new, just none of that copycat crap.
15. Had a german shepherd named Bowser from age 9-18. Want another one.

That was hard!

1. My dog is named after Lace from American Gladiators
2. Born and raised in Virginia Beach
3. James Madison University~THE University of VA
4. First truck was a 1987 Toyota Pickup 4x4
5. Worked at a parking lot on the strip at the beach for 4 years
6. I LOVE College Football (Go HOKIES!)
7. I got a ticket for curfew when I was 16
8. Autumn is my favorite season (best sports, best weather)
9. I love water sports (surfing, wakeboarding, fishing, etc.)
10. Favorite movie is Top Gun
11. Favortie Band is DMB
12. I drink WAY too much
13. 5'10'' 165 lbs
14. Played soccer and swam in HS
15. If my eyes stay good I want to be a Navy Pilot

Uh, lemme see..

1. I used to speak spanish pretty well, and not advertise it to people I didn't really know who also spoke it.. I would know what they were saying when they thought I didn't
2. I just ate some chili
3. I hated high school
4. As I look around, my room is a serious mess..
5. I play guitar, well used to.. Now just kinda play a little here and there.. Forgot quite a bit of things too..
6. I bought a new tv last year because my old one didn't have hook-ups my PS2..
7. I have glasses
8. I have contacts, but almost never wear them
9. I love chocolate
10. I'd like to go to a tech school or something, but don't know where
11. I once did a 180 going 60 in a 30 because I hydroplaned.. Or maybe hydroplaned because of 60 in a 30? :)
12. My X is the first vehicle of mine I've modified
13. I sometimes have problems dealing with anger
14. My favorite colors are black, blue, and silver
15. I've always like messing with things, taking them apart and at least attempting to put them back together (hey, give me a break, I was 7 then:))

1. My name is Caleb
2. My cats name is thomas
3. I spend almost 8-10 hours per day on here
4. I dont post much becuz i dont like to repeat some ones answer
5. all my friends think my truck is ugly( all my friends are ricers)
6. i owned a vehical when i was 11 ( was half mine half brothers
7. that vehicle was a VW dune buggy
8. also owned a vega taht we turned in to a dragster
9. My brother owns bout 5 cars hes owned 10 so far
10. my brother is only 21
11. I have resepct for rice cars that can back up there car with performance
12. but i dont respect ricers with big @$$ wings
13. My fave hobby is off roading
14. i dotn know wut to put here
15. also dont know wut to put here

1. Dec. 8, 2002 was the first time that I had ever been to Michigan.
2. I was born and raised in Mississippi for all 23 years of my life so far.
3. My first vehicle was a '91 Explorer, which I paid for myself.
4. My 2nd vehicle was a '94 Explorer, which my sister eventually wrecked and is now driving.
5. My current vehicle is a '97 Mercury Mountaineer that I've definitely decided to keep, but I'm trying to decide what project to do with it: hotrod or all-around good 4x4/work vehicle.
6. I'm working on buying a house, and I hope that happens as soon as May '03.
7. Mississippi State University Alumnus, class of 2002.
8. I didn't start duck hunting until last year.
9. I'm the only Support Colleage at the Tower Automotive Madison, MS plant with an engineering degree.
10. After the last trip to Auburn Hills, MI on business, I can't stand Northwest Airlines.
11. I don't smoke.
12. I rarely drink.
13. I enjoy fishing.
14. I don't have any pets.
15. I got my first speeding ticket when I was 15 doing 60 mph in a 55 mph zone on I-55.

1. My name is Todd :D
2. Dog-Taylor who is an Airedale
3. I work at a fruit markey
4. I know as much about fruit as i do about cars
5. I'm 16, just got my license
6. Don't smoke, never will, its nasty!
7. No drinking as o yet;)
8. I'm only in 10th grade!!
10. I sleep 8 hours, go to school for 7, work for 3, the rest is spent on here
11. I've had 2 concusions(i'm not right in the head at all)
12. I've flipped my quad 3 times and bent the axle pretty bad
13. I'm pretty much a dork
14. I hate cars, i wanna run them all over!
15. My name is Todd:D

1. I'm a Christian
2. my Explorer is my 5th vehicle
3. I'm 20
4. my first car cost $450, my dad bought it 4 me when I was 14 and we spent 2 years restoring it
5. I sold that car to my friend who totaled it 2 month's later:mad:
6. one of my biggest pet-peeves is when people don't admit that they were wrong
7. I can only see out of one eye at a time (have bad depth perception bc of this)
8. I've never been in an accident
9. I've had one cuncussion, was kneeling down and stood up under a door frame
10. I'm 6'8"
11. I regret getting my Explorer
12. of all my vehicles, the Ex is the only thing I haven't modified
13. I'm harder on myself than anybody I know
14. I've never smoked, drank or done any type of drugs, nor do I want to
15. I've been up since 4:45 this morning and don't want to go to sleep

1. I have a girlfriend named Kristen
2. My first car i wanted was a Jeep Liberty
3. I'm 17 and an arsehole
4. I am one of 2 kids and the youngest.
5. I don't smoke anything and Drink at Parties
6. I Legpress 1400 pounds
7. I hate people who are all hung up on their culture
8. I love rap music
9. I am 6'4" 285 pounds on skates and hockey uni
10. I have been at the same school for 7 years
11. I work at Sun Rise Assistant living
12. I go to school at Malvern Prep
13. I am a VERY hot headed
14. My road rage scares Myself, I once drove 10 miles out of my way to get out of my car and call someone who flipped me off, a spinless man lover. (fill in what words you like)
15. I go to bed at 2-3 in the morning every day

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Originally posted by james t
14. i used to be into car audio (and i dont have one post in the audio forum)


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