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15 x 7 stock wheel offset

Hi Fellas.

I have a 97 XLT with a stock 15 x 7 alluminum tear drop wheel. Does anyone know the exact offset or back space of these babies?

Since I already know how much more I could fit inside the wheel well using these wheel, I could easily upgrade my wheel/tire.

I currently have the aforemention wheel with 265 70 15. I plan to up grade to 17 x 9 with 285 60 17. Is this doable?

Thanks all.:p

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Probably doable, but it would be very ugly.

Stock BS is 4-4.5" depending on the rim. You may have trouble fitting a wide tire like that without rubbing.

The 15" rim is from a 97. If the backspace is 4-4.5 then that means the offset isn't zero?

I'm confuse...

Honestly I don't know the offset (think it's zero). What I was saying is that various X/Ranger rims range from 4 to 4.5" BS. Yours are probably 4.5.

Emon, I just measured my backspacing. It is 4 1/8", measured from the flange which the tire bead rests on. Some people measure from the extreme outside edge of the wheel, which will add on another 1/2".

This gives an offset of +5/8". I think the Ford specs are actually +20mm, which is pretty close to 5/8".

All of the above measurements are on a 7" wide rim.