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March 21, 2003
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Hey i was thinking of going with a kicker comp vr 15'' sub with a jbl 1200.1 mono sub amp. THe sub only handles 1000 watt max, but if i turn the gains down will i be ok? WIll this setup sound good and give me good bass in a big ported box? Pleasde reply and give me alternative setrups....

Wait, your sub puts out 1000watts RMS or 1000watts MAX?? RMS is different from MAX, you need to look at the RMS (thats what the sub can take consincly). The 1200.1 will put out around 1200-1300 watts @ 2 or 1ohms...so you can turn the gain down.

If you read his post he says MAX, but I'm also somewhat familiar with the VR series and I'm pretty sure that the rms on the 15" is something along 500 wrms.

I think the jbl 1200.1 is overkill, but it also gives you overhead.

You'll prolly blow the sub if you port it with that power, mainly because that amp does not have a sub sonic filter and I highly doubt you'll be tuning the box as low as 20Hz.

Tell us more about your ported box before you ask us if the sub can handle it.