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Hi everyone i am new to the list.i have a 96 xlt 4x4 with the stock 15x7 rims i found some chrome rims from a EB explorer 16x7
will these fit ok? i want to run bf goodrich a/t ko,thanks for your help in advance?

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Hey, welcome to the board! i did the same swap your doing. it was easy and fits well. I have experianced no rubbing. The only think is you will need to replace your speedometer gear if you want the speedo to read correctly. It is an easy $10 fix. You will have to do it yourself as I have not found a ford dealer who would.

thanks 95xlt,,what size tires did you run?

the rims came with the P255/70R16 wilderness AT. I'm getting them replaced soon. I hear you can go as big as P265/75R16, but it may rub a bit unless you have a lift.

I was running the P235/75R15 on my old rims

I purchased the same rims. Also I just ordered Michelin 265-70-16 tires to replace the firestone 235-75-15 no on the vehicle(2001 XLT). You have that 265 75 will fit but no bigger. Am I in trouble or is the -70- going to fit ok?

The265/70-16 s should be a bit smaller than 265/75-16s, I think the 70s are about an inch shorter than the 265/75s but the same width.

Hope that helps

this should help


Range Rim Width
Range Overall
Diameter Tread
Width Section
27X8.50R-14LT C 5.5-7.5 26.70 .82 8.6
LT215/75R15 C 5.5-7.0 27.85 6.94 8.5
LT235/75R15 C 6.0-7.5 29.15 7.58 9.2
30X9.50R15LT C 6.5-8.5 29.70 7.65 9.6
31X10.50R15LT C 7.0-9.0 30.75 8.50 10.8
LT325/60R15 C 9.0-11.0 30.40 11.10 12.8
32X11.50R15LT C 8.0-10.0 31.80 9.27 11.4
33X12.50R15LT C 8.0-11.0 32.80 10.00 12.8
35X12.50R15LT C 8.0-11.0 32.80 10.00 12.8
35X12.50R15LT C 8.0-11.0 34.70 10.00 13.0
LT225/75R16 D 6.0-7.0 29.35 7.20 8.7
LT245/75R16 E 6.0-7.0 30.60 8.00 9.5
LT265/75R16 D 6.5-8.0 31.75 8.62 10.3
LT235/85R16 3 6.0-7.0 32.15 7.10 9.2
LT285/75R16 D 7.0-9.0 32.80 9.23 11.5
LT295/75R16 D 8.0-10.0 33.4 9.5 11.6
LT315/75R16 N/A 8.0-10.0 34.6 10.1 12.8
31X10.50R16LT D 8.25 only 30.62 8.50 10.8
33x12.50r16.5lt d 8.25-9.75 32.80 10.00 12.4
35x12.50r16.5lt d 8.25-9.75 34.60 10.00 12.5

I thought that the speedometer recalibration was done via the computer not with gears?????????

aldive, i depends...if you toss on 35s and put in a 4.56 gears you will get really close to stock performance..... also some of the older Xs have a speedometer gear that changes what the car actually see to what is close to what is actually happening..... some of the newrer Xs dont use these gears and must be reprogrammed via computer for the mods

Quick update: Good News/Bad news/Good news

First real good news, Ford dealers says the rebate is on "what you purchased to replace" your tires. So I will get 130 each fro the 265/70/16s I purchased to replace the 235/75/15s.

Small bad news, the 265/70 tire rubs on a small part of the chrome bottom front behind the fog light. Not much but enough that when turning & backing up it could break the plastic"chrome". It is stock height and I don't want ot "twist" the front and then have to deal with a raise in the back to level it. But if someone wants to it would take between an inch or two.

Good news again, I loosened the 4- 18mm bots that hold the front bumper on; removed 2 each side at a time; put 3 each flat washers between the bumper & the bracket (total 4 bolts X 3 washers= 12 @ $.25 or $3.00). This moved the bumber out about 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Everything clears and it still looks factory without a lot of work.

Hope this helps. Skip

Nothing wrong with it at all but, I don't understand the change from 15" to 16"? Aren't the 16" tires more expensive? There is no performance advantage to 16" over 15". Just curious. Off-road.


I wanted something bigger, but not real tall. So the 265/70/16 seemed to fit the bill for wide & only about 1 1/2 inch taller in diam. I could not get the "70" ratio in a 15 with the 265 wigth as I could with a 16. I could get this size in a 16 as a "P" (Passenger) and not a "LT" (Light Truck) tire. A little smoother ride. Side to was better in a 16 because the side wall going to this size also increased from about 6.9 to 7.3 but would have been greater with a 15 inch tire.

Last, every vehicle manufacture is increasing standard SUV into the 16 or 17 inch range. Tires in these sizes will increase in both choice and research/development from tire manufacturers.

SO for me;
a. I purchased 16 rims from ebay (becareful-must be 5 on 4.5 pattern) and sell my almost new 15 rims for about the same cost,

b. I could get the tire size & quality (Michelin) I wanted,

c. Ford made good for all but about $50.00 for 5 tires to replace what they feel are bad tires.

Bottom line, better chice of available tire, bigger tires, better tires, better looks for the 16 rim/tire combo, and it cost me out of pocket about $100-$150 at this time frame. A little planning and I went to this size tire & rim for little final cost.

Hope that helps.

I have 35s on mine so I've got a 15" wheel. You could have gone with a 33/10.50/15 with a bigger sidewall and smoother ride. BFG makes that size in the new All-Terrain KO. That works out to about the same size as the 265/70/16. Anyways, doesn't matter, good luck with your truck. Make it to Truck Haven next year so we can all check it out.