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15x8 or 15x10? opinions please!

Hey all, for a 3"BL, rear AAL, shackles, and TT, would you all reccomend 15x10 rim or a 15x8 rim? This is with 33x12.5x15 tires btw. I cant decide!

What kind of backspacing would each wheel require? does each effect the ride at all? I've seen explorers on here with both, and i like the look of the wider wheel, but i dont want to have to do excessive trimming. Anyone with this lift running 15x10's please let me know!

15x10 is what the tire was designed for.
15x8 can be done but you will have to run at a lower PSI otherwise you will wear out the center of the tire too quickly (wrong shape due to skinny wheel)

I vote 15x10, big tires are expensive and tread life is important.

I have 33x12.5 mounts on 15x8 rimes
I have 35x12.50 mounted on 15x10 rims
the 15x10's look and fit better.

awesome im glad to here that hehe. now i know i should probably search fo rthis hehe, but what kind of backspacing and whatnot would i need with the 15x10 rim?

Will the 15x10 increase anything i might have to trim off by a lot? i dont mind having to trim a little, but i dont want to be cuttin a whole lotta metal or anything. thanks!

I like 15x8 if you're actually going to use it offroad. It has less of a tendency to pop the bead off the rim when you're squeezing a wide tire on a narrow rim. The backspace I've been using is 3-3/4"

i wont be doing anything TOO hardcore when it comes to offroading. this thing is my daily driver for the next fewyears so i dont want to beat it up too bad, hoping it will last me through college.