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16x7 Rim

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I'm pretty sure if its a full size it won't fit but if its spare size I think it will just measure the diameter of the full width to see if it fits underneath there ;)

My 1998 Explorer came from the factory with 255/70 16's on 7" wide rims. The spare was the same. If the Sport spare tire well is the same as in the 4 door (which I suspect it is) you shouldn't have a problem.

Let me amend what I just said, if your overall tire/wheel diameter is approximately 30.5" you shouldn't have a problem. If you go with something like 33's I don't know but I bet it wouldn't fit. I haven't measured the clearance.

I've got a 16x7 255/70/R16 under my Sport. I heard you can even fit an aired down 32", but that's pushing it. You shouldn't have any problem with a stock size

Thanks guys, I will measure the area where the spare goes. I just don't like the thought of riding on one 15" and three 16" tires if I get a flat.