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17" wheel and tire size on 01 4x4


August 26, 2014
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Spruce Pine, NC
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2001 Ford Sporttrac
Will 265/70-17 tires on 17" x 8.5 with -6 offset, 4.51 backspacing, rub on stock 2001 4x4 sport trac?

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anyone??? I currently have factory 15x7" and 235/75r15 rims and tires. I cant find the factory offset.

Of course i do, I just figured some of you guys would already know. Just asking. I know yall get tired of getting these kind of questions, but I dont know who else to ask.

I run a wider tire, it did rub just behind the front wheel where the body cladding meets the body. I cut the corner of the cladding off.

Keep in mind though that I have turned the torsions up and have a body lift.

My wheels are 17X9 with 4.5 Backspace