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172 koer 176 koeo


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April 3, 2013
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1994 ford explorer xlt
fresh boot of the pcm check oil check tranny fluid little test drive around the block engine light came on for about 20 seconds or less then when out ...tested the paper clip again got 176 koeo and 172 koer

to make sure got out on the highway for 20 minutes to see what happens got 176 & 177 koeo and 172 koer check engine light coming on and turning off during the trip some clear running not very long some with engine light and roughness

some relation to o2 sensors lean codes ? fuel could be obstructed ? some roughness applying gas to the mass

this isn't funny not shure if im loose in the hips or on crystal meth from fuel additives its kinda funny looking at after market parts I come up with a simile :) I used to work on a 12 story building one night there was water pouring over the side from the roof 12 stories up an industrial water pump blew and was flooding the roof there we are with sand bags and etc making sure to divert the fire hydrant that early morning is a call to a certain group of repair guys and its not the thing but another member of the team it wasn't the invisable women that night and johnny was flamed so who was it

I just changed the fuel pump but wasn't entirely satisfied because just after I had a 563 error and a bad relay I changed the relays new wells relays no 563 but when I listen to the pump it must be twice as quiet in the same type can makes me wonder a little was thinking about a new fuel line too there is a little crimp or partial twist near the quick connect by the tank some fumes are building up also I have done the fuel pump mod under the rear seat




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