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18" Tires Make/Model


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January 8, 2011
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2011 Explorer XLT
Does anyone know what the make and model is of the stock tires on the xlt 18" wheels?

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Are they Latitude Tour or Latitude Tour HP? Hard to tell from this picture but I think they are HPs. Not sure what the difference is but the TireRack reviews favor the non-HP model.




How do they do in snow?
They would not be as good a dedicated winter tire. Winter tires have a softer rubber compound for more grip on cold bare surfaces. All-season tires begin to lose their optimum grip at 44 degrees!

The Tires are Michelin Latitude. Very good tire.
I would be doubtful that it is the regular everyday Michelin Latitude. It is probably one made just for Ford's OEM equipment. I looked on the Internet and tried to find the Hankook tire that comes on the 20" wheels and was not able to find it. Even went to the Hankook website. My Highlander came with Toyo A20 tires but again they were not listed anywhere. Toyo made them just for Toyota. Many complaints about early wearout. Usually OEM tires are made for a quiet comfortable ride when test driving the vehicle. They are not usually built for long wear.

Update: Saw my first Limited yesterday and it had Hankook Optimo H426 tires. I then went to the Hankook website and they had a list of OEM tires that they supply for various vehicles. The H426 was shown as the OEM for Explorer. Further checking on this tire came up with; "The Optimo H426 is one of Hankook's Grand Touring All-Season tires developed for Original Equipment (O.E.) use on sporty sedans." Explorer = sporty sedan:scratch: