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180,000 and going strong!


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September 7, 2015
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2002 Exp XLS
2014 Exp XLT
180,000 miles on my ‘02 XLS Explorer and still going strong I hope. Just went over 180k today, hope to get to 190k then to 200k!



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Keep up on the maintenance and you'll be good to go! I'm coming up on 209K on my '03 XLT and it's still going strong as well. I had 334K on my previous '03 XLT...a deer killed that one though.

Both of them are even the 4.0L V6!

Wow IIGood 334k! Yea my 4.0 is doing well.

180,000 miles on my ‘02 XLS Explorer and still going strong I hope. Just went over 180k today, hope to get to 190k then to 200k!
Good luck on many more miles.still looks good

Be aware that the oil gauge is a 5psi switch

Congrats. If you're front wheel bearings are original and you plan on any long trips, you might want to change them out first. My '02 white XLS (looks like yours) 2wd just had both go out within a few hundred miles of one another at 195k miles. Doable DIY repair at home, but not on the road! Cheers.

great! I like seeing older cars still working well. I have 145kmi on my '02. Still has untouched timing chains and original transmission.

182K on my 2005 Explorer. Just got done replacing the rear window hinges and a fresh Spring detail and wax job. She's had a whiney rear end and a 3-4 shudder for the last 5 years, still driving it 300+ miles a week my daily driver. Replaced the front wheel bearings a couple times & all 4 wheel speed sensors, temp blend motor, sway bar links, still driving with a broken front coil and the rear wiper doesn't work. The rest has all been preventive maintenance and wear items. Overall it's been good to me, I treat it nice... and when it's time I'll replace it with another Explorer.

Explorer 4-2018.jpg

My 2005 Mountaineer has 164K. Recently it shut down on me on the interstate and went into failsafe mode. Dealer replaced crankshaft pulley, sensor, and belt. In the past two months or so I have myself replaced the EGR valve, the entire wiper fluid reservoir, liftgate supports, front wheel bearings, and all the sway bark links. I still like it, but I am starting to see all kinds of leaks underneath.

I have a 2002 XLS (195k miles). I wonder whether it has a failsafe model. Seems like more hassle than it's worth.

2004 4.6 with 186k,

rear wheel bearings,
rear lateral links ,
rear pinion bearing,
blend door fix,

I got 300k out of my 1996 explorer with only replacing wheel bearings, ball joints, alternator and 2 torque converters, and hope to get 300k out of this one...