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180 t stat


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June 7, 2004
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99 xls 4x4
has anyone had any problems with a 180 t stat. i heard they only work on old engines. this guy told me that a colder t stat in newer cars just use more gas cause of the computer. is this true.

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Stick with the stock 192/195 thermostat.

I had a 180-degree 'stat in my '96 4.0 for about two years and I just reinstalled the factory 195-degree 'stat. I thought that the lower temperature would give a little more power but the engine seemed to idle a little bit rougher and the gas mileage dropped slightly from the richer mixture. I also noticed that the oil came out almost black at my 3000 mile oil change. I feel that the 180-degree 'stat may not allow the computer to get into "closed-loop" mode so it's running in open loop with a richer mixture. I'm a lot happier with the higher temperature as it idles smoother and gas mileage came back up and it just runs better. There's another post about adjusting the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for more power; something like .960-volts. I did the mod and the engine ran better but I have taken it one step further...I adjusted the TPS to .950-volts to lean out the mixture and gas mileage went up even further. It still idles smooth. With gas going for $2.29 a gallon for regular here it's "forget the power, I need mileage" for me.

Anyone know the part # for the 192/195 therostat?

I think I replaced my with the wrong one. The parts shop here gave me Spark plugs 42FM instead of 42PP (didn't notice until after I replaced them) I think they also gave me the wrong t-stat.

I want to pick up the correct t-stat & spark plugs this time around.

My own anecdote:
My '92 4.0 had a 195 t-stat that, for some unknown reason, started opening at 180-185 F. I verified the temperature by backprobing the ECT with a voltmeter and decided to install a new thermostat. Put in a new 195 Stant, and got an almost immediate 2 mpg jump.
I realize it's anecdotal evidence, which isn't really scientific, but I'd stick with the stock 192-195 F thermostat. Unless you get the computer changed so it knows to expect a colder thermostat.

thanks. i think ill stick with the stock one.

What some members do is buy 3 of them, test them on the stove, then return the worst 2.

Of if you are in a hurry use a microwave :D

Note: I AM JUST KIDDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope no one here is dumb enough to put their METAL t-stats in the microwave.