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18x9 cobras with +24mm offset fit sport?

i got ahold of some 18x9 cobra's awhile back and just got around to looking at the offset, they are 18x9" with a +24mm offset, is this compatible with my explorer without wheel spacers? what is the factory offset of my sport? its a 2002 2wd automatic, with multileaf rear. figured id post a new thread now because im asking specifics about the offset, thank you!

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bump due to the fact i take the rims to get painted at noon

Not to sure, i would take a wheel off the rear and slide one of thoes on just to take a look at how far in it sets

nope they didnt fit:( and 2 needed to be trued...at 160$ a wheel, i threw them away it woulda cost like 600$ to repair everything including getting the 2 good ones uncurbed and repainted...so i scrapped them

They didn't fit because of the offset? Does it stick out too much?

they didnt fit because they were set inward in the rear too much, it was clear the tire would rub the e-brake cables and a few other things i think a small spacer would fix that

I don't get it. +24mm offset should've fit. I owned bullitt wheels below and they fit perfectly.

17x8 +24mm offset front
17x9 +22mm offset rear


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im not sure they were 18x9 i believe i posted the correct offset but when they were on the explorer they just didnt look like they would fit the shop i was at agreed they wouldnt work :S they needed too much work anyways i have an 02 sport with tow pakage if that matters, and it has been lowered in the rear and a bit in the front....im thinking of going with the bullits like that any pics of them on? im trying to buy rims this month, also anyone know the stock explorer rim offset?

X, where did u purchase those rims, and what size tire?

Don't remember where but they are:
17x8 with 255/60 Hankook Ventus
17x9 with 275/55 Hankook Ventus

I know the offsets are 22mm and 24mm. I just can't remember now if they were negative or positive offsets. I ordered as if they were going on a '97 Ranger