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18x9 rims on my mountaineer pics

Well, finally, it's done.

18x9 Y2K Cobra R rims with 255/55/18 Toyo Proxes tires on my Mountaineer.

Stock offset of the rim was +36mm... which caused some rubbing issues.

To fix the problem, I got four (4) heavy duty AL6061T 1.5" spacers. The spacers are in, and there is no rub at all now. Everything fits fine, and I'm glad to say, everything works fine.

With the spacers in, the offset of the rim was changed to +0mm, which gave me a backspace of 4.5 inches. That backspace was plenty enough for me to use the rims without any rubbing issues at all.

Well, here goes the pics:

Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed
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After all I've done with my Mountaineer, I got to thinking, and I said... what's the point of all this. So if anyone is interested, I am willing to sell the whole setup: (4) AL6061T 1.5" spacers + (4) 18x9 Y2K Cobra R rims + (4) 255/55/18 Toyo Proxes tires + chrome lug nuts + chrome lock nuts ... the whole bang.

(I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the for sale section)

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nice looking .................

werent u trying to sell these tho at one point ??

still looks very nice :D


yea, I was.. and I still am.

People changed their mind about buying them as soon as I told them that they rubbed. I recently put spacers on them, and now, they don't rub at all. So maybe someone wants to purchase them from me now. They're practically spankin' new.

I thought the Y2K's were 9.5". How did you mount 255's on them? Would smaller spacers have worked? Looks nice.

how much are you looking to get for them... and how much do tires cost for them

if interested, please post your interest at:


99mounty- Im not elite, but how did you post pictures in yout thread?