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19 owns you (gonna be in truckin too!) worklog!

28 speaker fiberglass interior install work log

i used to have a list of mods here that was current late 2004

it is now april 2005 and not one of those mods still apply. please just go to the last few pages for new pictures.


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i agree the cowl hood is really cool, but i worried that it wouldn't add that much since i was doing the flames anyways and decided to go forth with the flames without the hood. i don't regret it, but only because the hoods are so expensive (or would have been so much work to make myself) and i like the way it looks now just fine.

i have gas shocks, but they are susceptible to the wind and won't hold the hood up as i want for 7 or 8 hours at shows real well. so i took the post from a sign the invisible dog fencing people left here and painted it oxford white as yoiu can see in the pictures

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a couple pics from last night and today at the show- parked with a few of my friends cars


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here are a few more- just trying to give ya'll a feel for how we're doing things up here.

oh yeah, and a picture of the keg in the refrigerator... I stole it from someones porch last night- full


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sorry- here is the picture of the stolen keg of high life


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well, i think my thread is so long that no one feels like wading through it- but thats cool. Its turning into a sort of a log that i can just link people too who haven't seen any of my work or what not.

My current update (the reason i'm posting right now at least) is that the windows are now tinted all the way around. went with 5% over the stock tint on the sunroof, rear doors, and all the cargo area windows. then 35% over the stock on the front windows. I'll get some pictures up sometime soon- it really made a big difference in the appearance imo, but more importantly it really helped to disguise the screens from the police when they are in my blind spots.

here are some new pictures of what i'm working on.

also, there is a picture of my switches for everything (the've been there for a long time, but with no pictures)

the other two here are with my new tint, every window but the front is a mirror


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the spheres are the start of my speaker towers for my bedroom and for the rear 5.1 sound field when at shows and stuff. they will actually physically sit behind the truck as surround speakers. I made them spherical like that basically just to try to show off.

I also pulled my headliner and started on redoing it with suede and also all of it behind the sunroof with fiberglass. also not pictured yet is the that thre will be a 5.25" component set hangin from it just above the rear seats for the rear 5.1 channel as well.


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and i continue to post despite the fact that no one will see it


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I'm watching.... F/G work looks really solid.

strange, someone just told me he couldn't post on this thread...

do you have to be elite to post here?

Welp, I'm watching, and posting, however I'm also elite! Looks like it's just never ending with this project! :confused:

Lookin Nice Drew!! Amazing how far it has come since the last time I saw it.

i started another thread, but does anyone know an easy way to remove the sunroof sun shade piece? it looks like i have to pull the whole sunroof assembly to do so.

we make sunshades here, typically...you have to take out the assembly, unless you can bend/twist it down and out.


bending and twisting it would be great...

but after i fiberglass it it won't work real well to put it back in

nope...that is a fact. ;)

i guess i'll have a little adventure fun time pulling it sometime soon

I am also watching :)

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worked a lot more on the headliner-

this doesn't show the progress with the sanding, but it shows how strong a few layers of glass gets.

I'm also starting to comtemplate really doing some more in dppth custom body work on my truck. I'd be redoing the front bumper, building custom side skirts, and redoing the rollpan in sort of the shape shown in this pictures.


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