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1954 F100 short bed body onto a 1999 Ranger short bed Chassis

@CDW6212R It came off of a 1994 Mustang. I saw the car. They have had the engine rebuilt and they are putting a Holley 600 cfm vacumn secondaries carburetor on it with a simple distributor with Pertronix in it.
The part number on the bottom of the upper has S as the 3rd digit. Ford has used S for decades to mean Thunderbird. The picture below
is the under hood of a 1991 Thunderbird for sale. That all being said, the 1994 and 1995 Mustang upper plenums were first used on the
1991 5.0 Thunderbirds.
1991 tbird 5.0 underhood picture.JPG

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Ah, thanks, that explains the curved intake, to clear those shock towers. I'd put that with the 302 HO intake, fairly small, good for mild and low end torque, not so good for rpm or power.

@CDW6212R It will work for me for now. I'm not trying to build an 8 second in an 1/8th of a mile @ 88 mph machine. This vehicle will be a Sonic cruiser and will see Interstate time like "Cruising the Coast" events. What do they call the fall gathering at Pidgeon Forge and Gatlinburg? I would never go 88 mph on a public street. Save that for the track with guardrails.
Crusin' the Coast 2024

It will work great for all of that. Pigeon Forge has tons of car shows during the Spring/Summer/Fall, I haven't really remembered many by name. My mail route begins with the Convention Center as my first delivery. They had a car show there yesterday, I go into the parking lot traffic for a couple of minutes. Then I'm out and off to the whole section along Old Knoxville Hwy, the golf course has lots of homes and tons of rental cabins etc.

A few more parts have arrived for 5.0 #2. It is for the 54F100/99Ranger project. The original plan was to use the 97MM power-train. Not now.
The Mountaineer will be staying together.
I bought a new pulley/damper/sensor ring for the '94 Mustang engine that will go into the truck project. It will also be converted to coil-near-plug.
1999ranger 5.0hb damper front.jpg

I found someone making a1.5" plastic intake spacer. We will see how the plastic spacer holds up.
The bolt kit only has two out of 4 bolts that will work. I have the bolts leftover form the Mountaineer upper plenum that got replaced
when its 1" spacer went on. They will need shortened about 3/8" to fit the 1994 Mustang ('91 Tbird style) intake assembly.
1994 mustang intake spacer.jpg

1997-2001 Mountaineer 5.0 throttle body complete.
1999ranger 5.0 throttle body.jpg

I was able to get the throttle body however there is going to be a bit of a fitment problem. Below is a picture of the 1994 mustang upper plenum flange. It has a rectangular shape to it. The Explorer throttle body flange area is more square.
1994 mustang upper plenum flange.JPG

But it is bigger than the flange.
1994 mustang upper plenum flange 02.JPG

I need to make a spacer out of 1" thick aluminum.
1994 mustang throttle body spacer 01.jpg

1"x5"x5" piece of T6061.
alauminum plate 1x5x5 for spacer.JPG

Are there any machinists on this forum that could make a 2.55" hole through it?

I can get a hole in that sucker
You would have to send it to me and I’ll have my buddy cut it out on his table

Ok. After I get a new '94 Mustang gasket to get the design finalized, I'll get with you.

Aluminum in hand.
aluminum plate 02.jpg

Throttle body gaskets stacked to pick the spot for the 65mm hole to go through. 94 mustang gasket is a hair crooked. 65mm is the size
of the 99 Explorer throttle body and the limitation of the '94 intake. Mustang had 58mm throttle body. 65mm is 12% larger.
1994 mustang throttle body spacer 02.jpg

The next step is to plot the 1/4 20 threaded holes for the adapter spacer to bolt to the '94 Mustang flange.
1994 mustang throttle body flange.jpg

Mounting studs will happen before the 65mm hole is plotted for the last time.
5.0 in a Ranger
1954 f100 5.0 LH motor mount.jpg

1954 f100 5.0 LH motor mount & bracket.jpg