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1967 Mustang Fastback Air Conditioning install


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February 6, 2016
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No. Alabama USA
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1997 Blue Ex 4.0 SOHC
KAGG 3611 (CB)
We are always busy at work with something automotive related and mostly Mustang and 99% Ford.
This winter many of you saw the pictures and followed along on the #23 Torino body "fix up". It had to go on hold in order to install a brand new air conditioning system on a long time and on our "gold" list of customers, Mustang.
The man that owns it bought it brand new in 1967, in Mobile, Alabama, after his first tour of duty in Vietnam. He was 20 years old and had all the cash in his pocket from his hazardous duty pay. (I bet it wasn't enough money for the hazards that he just experienced after a year in Vietnam). He kept his Mustang and took it with him everywhere that he was stationed. Germany, Colorado, California and many other places. His military buddies that had Camaros, Chevelles and Mopar products too, sold there first cars because of marriage and kids or moving or some other reason.
This Mustang now has between 500,000 and 700,000 miles on it. Records weren't kept. It has had two or 3 different engines, been painted 3 or 4 times, one new interior installed by our shop in 2012, after floor pans and some structural work.
6 months ago we installed electric power steering and then it came back for air conditioning installation.

You can't see it in the picture but this is a 4 lug/stud vehicle. Six-cylinder Fords used to have light weight differentials and steering compared to their v-8 counterparts. In the fall 2023, we are going to install V-8,5 lug running gear on it. It will be an 8" differential.

New Vintage Air Evaporator assembly

Under dashboard hoses, wiring and instructions

Under hood hardlines, Left side of picture coiled up rubber hoses barely showing

Ducts and right side fresh air block off plate

Heater lines going on evaporator/heater box

With exception of the dash wiring harness, the entire dash needs to be stripped to install the AC kit

Old heater box fresh air cowl block off plate installed

All of the evaporator box lines installed for the first fitting. it will take at least 3 times of in and out to get the lines tweaked properly

Kit comes with a firewall block off plate to cover the old heater motor hole

Evaporator installed for the last time after relay and harness that goes through the firewall headed towards the battery

If you have a six cylinder powered Mustang, you have to specify at time of ordering. The special bracket mounts to the engine to hold the compressor and the alternator. That's a Sanden rotary compressor

View from the bottom. Engine belt turns the compressor, compressor turns the alternator

Everything installed including condenser, drier and hoses

Also a six blade fan van from a V-8 application and a fan shroud added

All done, Back together and vacuumed

View from drivers side

This is an added picture from the day it left our shop on 3-21-23. This is the only one owner Mustang that we have ever worked on. The owner has always spent money to do whatever it needs. Car payments are never over even after you pay off your new vehicle.
I'm not getting any money from Vintage Air Company to say this is a good kit. There were not any missing pieces and only a little tweaking here and there was necessary. It is designed well and when we were done it cooled down to 43F which may be as low as my digital meat thermometer would go. 67gfb18.jpg