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1991 5th gear/reverse update


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March 28, 2009
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Shenandoah Valley, VA
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1991 Explorer XL "Lifted"
I have a 5" lifted sport on 35's, just lost 5th gear and it will not stay in reverse. I installed new nylon bushings in shifter housing still nothing. I was told of a update kit the is installed inplace of 5th/reverse gears with bigger/more teeth than stock. Can anyone give any info of kit. Or what is required to swap a 2wd tranny into a 4wd application. (tail shaft, tail peice removal, etc.). Thanx, Bri

I have the Complete Updated 5/R Gear assembly...They don't have MORE teeth. They actually have LESS teeth, but they ARE bigger.

They are in good condition. They have less than 10k (I would honestly have to say they have somehwere between 8-9k) on them.

Let me know if you are serious about getting them.

Swapping from a 2WD to a 4WD trans only requires the tailshaft housing and output shaft to be swapped. The WHOLE trans has to come apart for you do it though.

I have done the swap the OPPOSITE direction....got a 4WD trans, and converted it to 2WD. I did a whole write-up on the M5OD-R1 build-up...it was a sticky for a while.