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1991 explorer alignment issues


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December 23, 2009
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So I recently purchased a 1991 Ford Explorer 4x4 5 speed from my cousin. He put the superlift 5.5” in with the super runner steering setup. I’ve noticed a lot of shaking in the front end at about 45-50 and up. I’ve brought it to an alignment shop, and they could not get the passenger front wheel in anymore for camber. It still cambers out pretty bad. But the driver side does not it’s about perfectly flat. I’ve installed the moog adjustable bushings and still to no prevail. It’s still cambered out excessively. Any ideas at all guys? This alignment issue makes it a pain to drive since all the speeds down here are 50 plus. I’ve been through the whole front end and can’t figure anything out that’s not put in properly.

What degree camber bushings did you use?

I used the moog adjustable with +/- 4 degrees. And the it’s still positive cambered out only on the passenger side

Are your radius arms bent? Any damage to the lift components?