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1991 explorer build

1991 explorer 4x4 build

Hi my name is Mike and I have been watching this site for a while and now that I have started my explorer project I figured I would post it here.

I started out with a stock 91 explorer 4.0 auto 4x4. I picked it up in good running condition for $1000. Since this is not my DD I am taking my time making it a little more offroad worthy.

My plans for this explorer are to use it as a weekend camping vehicle that will see mostly desert trails and mountain roads. With that in mind I am more focused on durability than rock crawl capability. I already have a large amount of parts sitting in the garage and am starting to build this thing. Any ideas or problems you see with what I am doing let me know.I am going to work at putting pictures up and parts list.

Parts list for now

Front suspension
-skyjacker drop brackets for beams
-deaver superflex coils from f150 #csh57
-extended radius arms using stock arm and 2"x1/4" dom tube. bushings not hiems
-extended brake lines
-d35 with 4.56
- upgraded u-joints and c-clip eliminator
-manual hubs
-Fox 2.0x10" shocks
-upgraded swaybar
-Dual piston calipers from 96 ranger

Rear Suspension
-l/s 8.8 with 4.56
-stock leaf springs with SOA
-Fox 2.0x12" shocks
-disk brakes from 97 explorer

-stock and will probably stay that way

-manual transfer case with home built shifter and linkage

-5 d window steel wheels
- 4 new bfg km2 33/10.50/r15
- 1 used bfg at 33/10.50/r15

-stonecrusher style steering with chevy tre's

First picture is when i pulled it into the garage. We stripped the front suspension off. since im using coils from an early F150 (deaver superflex 4 in lift) i cut the coil buckets off as well. I have skyjacker drop brackets, have built my own radius arms using the stock arms, I am working on mounting coil buckets from an early bronco.


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I traveled the Mojave Road last weekend. The trip was an absolute blast. We were out there for 3 days and 194 miles of dirt roads. A lot of history and wide open desert out there. We were unable to complete the last leg because soda dry lake was covered in water so we had to take the detour back to the highway

2013-01-25 14.02.37.jpg

2013-01-25 15.23.32.jpg

2013-01-25 10.38.40.jpg

2013-01-26 11.31.52.jpg

Sure nice to see you enjoying the truck. It's a great overall package. Love the bumpers.

I bought a tent trailer for camping. I usually tow it with my Pathfinder but I would like to tow with my explorer. I don't feel safe towing with the explorer with the suspension as soft as it is. So I am going to stiffen up the explorer with a custom sway bar up front and some removable timbrens in the back. So far I have the front sway bar almost finished. I have not tested it yet but I think that it should be a huge improvement.


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Looks great.

Would you consider making a replica of your front bumper and selling it? If so let me know your price!

To be honest with you having a bumper built here and shipped to you would be extremely expensive. Better off bringing some pictures of what you want to a local fab shop or welder. That and I barely have time to work on my own truck now that I am back at school and have a 10 month old son.

..Glad to see the recent updates to this thread..:biggthump

I have my removable Timbren mount done on the driver's side. It slides in and out easily. Hopefully this will be enough to beef up the rear when towing my tent trailer. I still need to clean the mount up and finish the pass side mount.


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I finished the Timbren mounts in the rear. They slide in and out very easily and firm up the rear quite a bit. I drove the explorer around with the new sway bar and the timbrens installed and it is definitely way more stable. I wouldn't claim that it handles like a sports car but it definitely doesn't ride like a lifted truck. Now I need to hook up the tent trailer and see how it does towing.


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I finally got my 9 inch drop hitch so I could try towing my trailer. I don't like having to use a hitch with that much drop but I don't have a choice because of the way I built the bumper. The explorer tows the trailer easily. The timbrens are touching the leafs with the explorer empty so when i hooked up the trailer the explorer only sagged a half inch. I drove down the freeway at 60mph without any problems so I am feeling confident. The ride may get a little more soft with camping gear loaded but it should still be fine.

Steering 2.0

Finally done with school so I have some time to play with the explorer. After a few years with the old steering I upgraded to a super runner style steering. So far it seems to work great. Build thread http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=436333. I've been doing some maintenance and upgrades to get ready for what may turn out to be a great winter in the desert if El Nino kicks in.


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Had a great time for three days along the Bradshaw Trail. Found some great trails and mines! Explorer worked great and had no problems. I came across a great deal on a 10lb CO2 tank so bought a regulator off poly performance and grabbed the hose from my compressor. Works way faster than a 12v compressor! Finally put some miles on the steering upgrade and am very happy with it.


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