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1991 exsplorer wont go into gear for 20-30 seconds after driving for a while


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May 24, 2012
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sunset ut
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1991 ford explorer
i just bought a 91 explorer and the automatic trans after driving it for 20-30 min will not go into gear fully it feels like its parsley in gear and then if you wait a min it just pops into gear and goes this happens with all gears also the over drive feels like its parsley in gear but it never pops in but if you drive down the road and shift it into overdrive it works just fine until you come to stop and it wont work. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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thanks for having me. i have i even changed the fluid and filter the fluid was nasty i think it would not hurt to change it again its still a little dirty.

The reason the fluid is still dirty is that you only changed about 50% of the fluid, here is a better way to change about 99% of the fluid. The only thing I will add is that they didn't say DON'T start the engine after refilling the pan with new fluid, till you are ready to start pumping the fluid out of the torque converter.

so do you think its just the fluid because i no i didn't get it all out but it didn't get any better either?

doing a complet flush is the cheapest an easiest 1st step, also when replacing the fluid don't use the cheap stuff use a good quality type i.e lucas, b&m

No, a complete change most likely won't fix the problem. I only posted the instructions for a complete change because you said the oil still looked dirty and I was just saying why. You have a 21 year old vehicle and internal gaskets or seals could be failing, you could pull the valve body and check for a blown gasket , the modulator may be bad, or the governor may be sticking or a complete rebuild may be needed. See if anyone else has an idea.