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1991 Navajo with a speedometer cable or a gauge problem.


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March 6, 2011
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1991 Navajo 2wd, auto
I just bought a 1991 navajo 2wd, auto with what i believe to be 180000 miles on it for 400 the other day. The odometer says 80,000 but i believe it has rolled over once being a 1991. The speedometer on it doesnt work. The pin in the cluster had fallen off, so i put in back on, and found that the speedo does not work properly. when i took the pin back off i could see the small piece in the dash just spinning when i drove at slow speeds.

is this a faulty speedometer cable or something else in the cluster/dash?

Thanks guys!

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Welcome to this forum! I've renamed your thread, and moved it into the stock 91-94 section. It sounds like a speedometer issue.

thanks. would it be a speedometer cable or speed sensor? im about to go buy the manual to vehicle, but wont be doing that for a week or two due to registration reasons.

Is your speedo acting erratic when traveling at a known speed? If so, It is probably your speedo, but I'd replace the cable first, just to try the cheaper of the two. Don't even try to find a new/old speedometer for your Navajo, unless you've recently won the lottery! There difficult to find, and if you do find one, you'll pay through the nose. Your best bet is to find one at a "you-pull-it" yard. I bought mine there about 6 years ago for only $42. My original failed at around 175K, and this last one has lasted well over 50K.

Hope this helps.

when i bought the navajo the speedo needle wasnt attached. So i took off the dash and just pushed the needle back on. When i drove it again, the speedometer immediatly began spinning in a cirlce until the needle couldnt move anymore. When i took the needle off i could see the small pin in the cluster was just going around around.

hope this helps someone else give me some ideas. im having issues with the title so havent dont much working on it, but want to know what to be prepared for. I dont mind having to go get a new speedo from a pick and pull if needed. already need to make a trip there for my mazda pickup.

Thanks again.