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1991 XL + 5yr old Jensen head unit...


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March 3, 2004
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Edmonton, AB
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1991 XL
Hi all. I just bought a 1991 Explorer XL and I have an old (about 5yrs) Jensen CD/AM/FM head unit I want to put into it. The Explorer doesn't have the 'premium' sound system.

From what I've read all I should need is to wire the head unit up to a wiring harness, pull the factory radio, plug in the wired up Jensen, and slot it in. I can't seem to find any mention of a dash adaptor kit (like I needed to use in the '86 Olds that I pulled the Jensen out of). It should just fit right in?

Any problems I might run into that anyone can see?

Thanks for any insight you all can give :)

I dont know about the 1st gens, but the 2nd gens need a mounting kit, or adapter kit, whatever you want to call it. Look at the radio, if it is bigger then your current one, odds are you need a mounting kit =P

first gens don't need a mounting kit. You will need a wiring harness for your jensen to plug into the ford harness.

Thanks guys. I picked up the wiring harness (Metra 70-1770) after work today and wired the stereo up to it. The sun went down before I could slap into the truck so thats tommorows project :)