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1992 A4LD transmission solenoid question


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February 6, 2016
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Today a pair off Pioneer solenoids arrived for my 1992 A4LD transmission. I had to remove the valve body to install them. Now as I reflect on the installation, I am not happy with my results and have questions too. When I was installing the 3-4 solenoid, I ended up having to rotate it 180 degrees for the retainer clip/bar to go back in. I'm assuming that the wires will be long enough to reach around to the backside of it to plug the wires back on to it.
The other thing that I have a question about is, and I hope that you guys with experience with this trans can help me.
Question: Is the TC lock-up solenoid different than the 3-4 solenoid and can they be mixed up and installed improperly? They were shrink-wrap bubble packed together and not marked. the orientation of the electrical contacts makes me wonder.

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I've been using a 112 page ATSG A4LD rebuild book to get through all of the details of this transmission. So far there are two items that were not addressed with much detail. The 2nd of which is a little more insight into the 2 solenoids. Here are the only two pictures that I have found that even show them. I wish that there was an addendum that would offer more insight. Any info would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance for any help. @Brett @SuperGordo @JK080

@410Fortune I did an at Brett hoping that he might read this and help me out.
I need a source for one valve body gasket if anyone has a new spare leftover from a build that they could mail to me in a flat envelope.

I looked through all of my new transmission parts from building mostly C-4s and that's what pretty much all of the leftovers were with the exception of a box containing all of the lip seal tools for AODs. So, no A4LD valve body gaskets in my trans stuff. So, I ordered a pair, and they will probably be here Monday if not Saturday. I also came up with the individual Pioneer solenoid part numbers. I had purchased a pair and the part number on the package was for the pair. I'm hoping when I remove the valve body again that I can see some kind of part number on each piece. I have concerns about the top VB gasket. The front right bolt hole in the gasket got torn by the dipstick! Dang! It would probably work however if I'm going to drop the VB again, I will go ahead and put in $21- worth of gaskets. These A4LD transmission have 26 bolts in the VB, I think. Also 4 in the reverse servo.

There are two types of gaskets. The regular ones are very thin & fragile. There's one which is heavy duty, and thicker so I would recommend that one. The solenoid has a small mounting tab so that you can't put it in the wrong place. Use an In/Lb 1/4" drive torque wrench on the valve body bolts, and tighten them in a criss cross way. Use Viton D ring seals on the low/reverse servo.

@BrooklynBay Thanks for the input. I don't know if the gaskets that are on their way are the thick ones but probably not. I don't think that the new seals from the kit were Viton. Everything was working fine until the 3-4 solenoid went out and the governor gummed up. If you feel like it was impossible that I mixed up the solenoids, I will just torque the VB to spec and put the pan back on and fluid back in and see what I got. The rack is tied up with this vehicle and we are suffering heat indexes around 110 at their peak. It has turned my Shop into an Easy Bake Oven. I'll leave there at 1 p.m., central today.

@JK080 Sir. Can the 2 solenoids accidentally be swapped?

@BrooklynBay My 2 solenoids don't have any piece of bracket on them. Earlier when you referred to a solenoid singular, I wondered if you were thinking about the one solenoid VB.

Male spades. And the 3-4 spades are pointing opposite of original. Monday I'm going to take it back out. The new gaskets will be here hopefully. I made a 15 point list of repairs for this truck and are going through the list right now. Just fixed drivers window and about to diagnose fuel gauge. Plenty to keep me busy...

@BrooklynBay Good picture. You can see that the cuts in the solenoid retainers look different. They probably are installed correctly. I'm going to change to the new gaskets so I'll look at again anyway and try to install them backwards.

The tcc solenoid has a small bracket, and a shorter front compared to the 3-4 shift solenoid. Maybe you installed two 3-4 shift solenoids?
Funny that you say that about the tab on the front one, the old ones nor the new one have any tab tack welded on to them.

Take out both solenoids to compare them. They shouldn't be identical. This would make me think that both of them are the same type unless this is how the new ones look. I don't think that new designs are being worked on since this transmission was discontinued many years ago.

@BrooklynBay For what it's worth, here is a picture from RockAuto. The only picture...

Pioneer 771042 kit

from what I can see online the 3-4 shift and tcc solenoid appear to be SIMILAR, the TCC solenoid is to have the mounting bracket welded on?
I will send this to @Brett he will know for sure

At Rockauto they list the 3-4 solenoid under Shift solenoid (ATP brand FE4) and the TCC solenoid (ATP Brand FE3) under Torque converter solenoid, two different part numbers
But effectively they are the same part, just one has the mounting bracket?

Sorry I missed this thread earlier!!!!!!!

@410Fortune I just looked at the RockAuto ATP pictures and neither had the little bracket.
I don't have my notes here at home from researching this earlier in the week however I researched the original solenoids and the TCC solenoid should have a 1985 Ford part # on it and the 3-4 solenoid a 1988 Ford part number made on the end of it. The Pioneer ones don't looked marked. I'll see when I pull it again though.

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okay ATP was bad example
Look at the other brand here SMP

SMP 3-4 solenoid
TCS64 {E8TZ7M107A)

SMP TCC solenoid
TCS47 {E5TZ7F037A

Different Ford part numbers given as well

It maybe the same solenoid, some come with the bracket others do not causing you to fabricate a bracket?