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1992 ex with 94 ex trans


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January 24, 2009
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1992 ford explorer xlt
Well I have a 92 explorer with a trans from a 94 explorer and an HD torque converter. well it has the all too popular problem. when its cold it wont shift out of first. I can put it in 2 manually but as soon as I put it in D back to first. it does this with letting the truck warm up at idle for 10 minutes or so then I drive it for a couple of miles then it will shift on its own. hers the weird thing when its shifting up on its own it wont down shift. when I come to a stop it stays in second when I start going again still in second until I either shift down manually or stab the throttle. this does not clear up cold or hot. this started happening when I was on one of the trails my truck got quite hot and the fact that 4wd wasn’t working didn’t help the day after that it started happening. I did have this happen before but that trans is fragmented. now imp kind of wondering if this is going to happen to the trans I have in now.

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thats what i was thinking about checking into i read alot of posts and threads on the problem but i didnt see anyone have the downshift problem. thank you

well now heres a new problem i was towing an old plow with my truck to work some soil in and the trans got hot. i shut it off and let it cool down for a bit when i went to start back up i put it in drive 4X4 low nothing reverse same thing then i started to smell atf fluid well looked under the truck and it was pooring fluid out from around the housing area in the front looked like the front main seal but im not sure. i did see a thread a while back where someone had the same problem and after it cooled down they filled it up and no leaks but i cant find that post. any help would be sweet

well all of the fluids are good the fan clutch im pretty sure is good the trans fluid was good before it blew the seal. being stuck in soft fresh worked soil whith an old farm plow still hooked up on the truck add 95 degrees with no wind. well i had to go back and forth to get it out and after about 10 or so times it was hot. not abnormally hot the oil pressure was good. engine temp was a little over middle of the guage so i am not sure. tomorrow i am going to pull the trans out and inspect everything replace the seal and see how its working. i have a backup trans im picking up tomorrow so i hope it all works out. and thanks again brooklyn :) BTW what would be a good kit to buy to rebuild the trans i do alot of play hard work and long drives to work and what not. alot of the towing is heavy stuff

Spin the fan to see if it free wheels or if it turns for a second, then slows, and stops. Some places sell extra heavy duty steel plates, and clutch plates, but they are not usually used during an average rebuild. They are called Kolene steels, and red band clutch plates I believe. WWW.Transtarindustries.Com sells them. Here's the downloadable catalog: http://www.transtarindustries.com/catDownload.asp?ID=680

well all is well with the explorer now the trans is holding up ok no more upshift problem i think i didnt seat the front pump seal all the way when i had to swap the trans the last time . now im looking into a trans temp guage.

i have a 94 xlt and mine started pouring fluid out from the trans and i cant figure out where from its been sittin in my garage for about 2 1/2 weeks now and when it happened it started to hesitate with no power to barely move and this was when i was driving it for about 6 1/2 straight delivering newspapers till 6am wat could be the main problem??? main seal????? overheating to where it overflows out the top????? im so confused

could you help me with the problems im having out of my 94 explorer xlt? it had a major transmission fluid leak and the thing that is confusing me i cant figure out where it came from and the fact that it poured out over a 5 mile radius on the road so it may have had to been a slow leak right?

well now im not so sure if i like the A4LD trans or any auto transmissions at all. had all my gears accept first go out on me about 40 miles from home at 6AM with no cellphone. ohwell time to put yet another junker in. this one only has 50k miles on it so we shall see should be done tomorrow late in the afternoon.

sorry to hear about your luck man
im sure you'll get a good tranny soon lol....i had that shift problem ONE time, leaving my neighborhood it wouldnt leave first, so I manually did it (1 to 2 then D then OD) and it was okay, then since that day its been fine. scared the sh*t outta me at the time though
I dont have anywhere near the cash to even buy a used tranny lol

haha yeah well i will either find one buy one or build one not sure what will happen first. well i have been lucky the first couple i got a long time ago for free when my moms boss was moving to a new wrecking yard. then i had one sitting in an explorer that i totalled and now i picked up a tranny from my moms work for free because they lost the converter. but either way they arent cheap to replace even if the thing is free. after fluid seals gaskets and if you cant DIY the cost of a shop to do it. adds up real fast

well i have the trans in and its doing ok. seems to be strong but i dont have overdrive. at 75MPH its at 3600rpm and then kicks up a little bit like it wants to hit OD but stays at around 3300 or so rpm could it be a servo in the trans above the drain pan? or just a connection on one of the wire harneses. i used the air hose to blow out all of the wire harneses, trans cooler lines, and the bottom of the valve body due to the fact the trans was pulled off at the junk yard not by me and they could care less and left everything unplugged and uncovered. also the tourqueconverter is a reman that i had to buy not sure if the guy gave me something wrong he asked if it was a 3 or 4 speed i told him i think its a 4 speed and its an a4ld for a 1992 ex. any chance that would make the difference in having OD? sorry not too much of a trans person?

well i do have cruise control and i looked at the band adjustment thread you posted so i will give that a try. but i may try to find a trans shop to adjust it for me for free im tired of working on the thing for atleast a week

i had my brother adjust the overdrive band and am not sure if he adjusted the intermediate band. before the adjustment the trans was doing good but now it feels like the parking break is on i have to hit 2500rpm just to move any idea what could be the problem now

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ok now i have got the intermediate adjusted out 4 turns from snug but i have not messed with the od adjustment. my brother did adjust both to 10 ftlbs and the 2 turns out. now im nut sure but does the od band control reverse as well? before he messed with it i had 1-3 and reverse were fine. now i have gotten all forward gears back to normal but reverse is bad like 2900rpm to get up my driveway slowly. thank you all for the input and help with this