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1992 ex with 94 ex trans

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i figured it out the od band adjusts the reverse aswell now i have to play with the inter band at 4 turns out no shift from 1st to 2nd unless going 40mph and let off the throttle

haha sorry i didnt even see there was a second page already now i feel like a noob. but yes thats what i was getting at thank you

i must have over looked that one. dude you are freakin awsome:) you are my new bestest friend:chug:

well 3500 miles later and the trans is done but i had one rebuilt. completely gutted and rebuilt. i hope i can get it all done by tomorrow

ok now i have had a trans rebuilt by a shop they said that they put all hd parts and did all the mods that have come out for the a4ld. well my problem is warm or cold i have the delayed 1-2 shift in drive and od. when im in drive i dont have 3rd gear and in od i have 3rd but no overdrive. the trans only has about 15 miles since the rebuild. i tore the governor out it wasnt working properly from the trans shop. i pulled the old one out of my old trans and that one was moded with the extra spring cleaned it all up and put it back in. still stickey shift no 3rd in d and no od at all. anyone have any idea's

You should have a warranty on it if it only has 15 miles. Take it back, and don't replace anymore parts on it. Don't tell them that you replaced the governor. They might say that it was tampered with, and the warranty is void.

all of the work i have done to this trans is what the builder at the shop told me to do hes a 3 hour drive from me and i need the trans working so i can get to work. i have been on the phone with him since the first test drive. but i just wanted to see if you guys might have had this problem and be able to point me in the direction i need to go with it. thanks brooklyn

and the 1-2 shift is still weak and slow should i adjust the bands?

he said he rebuilt everything including the VB i adjusted the bands now 1-2 is good still no 3rd in D and i still get 3rd in OD but no OD he is sending me a new VB and im going to install it when it gets here :( $1,500 well spent haha

well new trans is still holding up after the new VB. Only what 2 years later better late than never