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1992 Explorer Won't Shift Into Overdrive


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November 24, 2005
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Ord, NE
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1992 Explorer
My 1992 Explorer won't shift into overdrive. Fluid level is fine. Shifts through lower gears perfectly but won't go into O/D. Any suggestions?


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Andy, often, though not always, this problem can be traced to the 3-4 shift solenoid. Some models had a screen on it that got plugged... and sometimes it can fail. This is an easy thing to remove and check without removing the transmission from the vehicle.

Check out the A4LD Valve Body Diary, and parts of the Rebuild Diary and you will see what I mean.

Yes, check the solenoid. If you have a scanner check for a solenoid code.

If in fact it is a screen model and is clogged though, it will not throw a code. Electrical faults will.....

Valve body damage? I looked at an explorer to buy that had valve body damage, it had overdrive problems.

Glacier991 said:
If in fact it is a screen model and is clogged though, it will not throw a code. Electrical faults will.....

Very true. I personally would check for a code first only because it is quicker and easier if one has a scanner available. Without one I would simply look for a loose wiring connection then go about pulling the solenoid, cleaning and bench testing.

I have having the same issue with my 92 xlt.

Could someone posibly tell me how to check the solenoid for clog,where its located on the tranny or is there a how to on this.
This thing is eating gas terribly without OD.
all other gears shift nicely

I think the above posts will lead you to the A4LD Valve Body Diary which will help you answer your Q's.

There might be other factors preventing it from going into overdrive, such a bad TPS, BOO switch, or VSS. The overdrive band could need an adjustment, or the overdrive servo could be rotted out from heat. They are very difficult to replace while the transmission is still in the vehicle, because the catalytic converter is directly blocking it. If you are planning on doing any exhaust work in the near future, you could check it then.