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1992 Explorer XLT 2WD with 215,000 miles and over $10,000 of repairs.


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August 12, 2008
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hampton va
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93 sport
i live in va now with there dumb state inspections. but where im from in oregon there is no inspection or anything as long as you have the title you can reg it in oregon and the coin to pay for it wich last time i checked wasnt to spendy.
if your exhuast is to loud the cops will wand you for decibals but ive never seen them do it.

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April 1, 2008
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Brookings Oregon
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M60A1 my first offroader
Remember also that my 2000 Ex has 182,000 miles on it and runs like a rocket.It's a nice ride and I drive it like I stole it.:D

Alas I had to sell it in a nasty breakup.:(

Joe Dirt

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October 4, 2007
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07 Camry
I really like that Chestnut color... Rare around here, usually only the Eddie's have the combo of Chestnut body/Tan trim, and even those are very, very few and far between. I don't know that I've seen a non-EB in that color in person.


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February 5, 2003
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Covington, Kentucky
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92 XL 2-door and others
I like the color too, I have always liked that style wheel as well. I just never have been able to locate a set cheap, and I like all my first gen wheels anyway.


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June 20, 2008
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01 Sport Trac 5.0L manual
I bought my 91 Sport from the original owner with 280k. He claimed he never had any work done except a tranny rebuild at 150k. Seems like he may have been truthful, I've found a lot of original Ford parts on it. There was a lot of neglected stuff by the time I got a hold of it, but now at 295k and less than $1000 (mostly from the new motor and clutch) into it, just about everything is fixed and ready to truck on for another 100k+ I hope.

It's hard to beat the bang for your buck with these rigs.

May 12, 2007
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'92 Explorer XLT
I got my '92 XLT 4x4 with 160,000 miles on it in early 2005. Since then, aside from normal wear and tear (brakes, tires, etc.) it has accrued a total of 291,000 miles with the following notable maintenance / repairs:

- Lower intake manifold gasket
- upper and lower ball joints
- driveshaft u-joints
- Radius arm bushings
- new radiator
- new battery cables
- starter and relay switch
- power steering pump
- a throttle body held together by a combination of aluminum foil and duct tape

It's definitely got alot more life in it.


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December 27, 2009
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Vermillion, SD
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- a throttle body held together by a combination of aluminum foil and duct tape

It's definitely got alot more life in it.

No paperclips and gym socks to convert it into a time machine? MacGuyver you are not sir.


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February 13, 2007
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Fremont calif.
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2013 Dodge Advenger
Okay I will post on this as I have also owned my explorer almost as long.
I did not buy it new but used back in 1998.
I am the 3rd owner and it had only 68,000 miles on it then.
I have driven it hard and also not keep it up like I should have because
of no money after a nasty divorce and becoming disabled.
I still believe it was a great buy just like the O.P. but he started
out already paying
much buying new as the day he reg it and drove it off the deal lot
he lost some big money right then. Looking at the list of his almost
all of it I would call normal wear and tear fixes. So here is an almost
complete listing of mine.

I am sure I have missed some that were done over the years.
I have not kept track of the cost because over time it has been
cheaper then replacing the truck when I look at monthly payments
insurance and still have the maintenance and break down cost of it
as I will not buy New but well used and save over $10,000.00 right
off the bat

repairs to keep truck drivable===============================================================
Two bad rebuilds (2003) Shop did crappy work and neither lasted over 6,000 miles one less then 3
One good one (2007)
(For got how many miles but it was over 170,000 miles still runs like new)

Brake rotors 2x (1st set warped in 100 miles)
(Last time drilled ones and there the best so far better stopping and longer wear to date then the stock ones)
Starter (went out two weeks after buying truck showing signs of needing replacement again)
Radius arm bushings
Heater core
Water pump
Thermostat x3
Hoses upper and lower plus heater
Fan clutch (heavy duty Hayden)
Ignition lock on steering column (wore out)
Evaporator and orifice tube with accumulator (leaking)
A/C converted to 134 from R12
Shocks all 4
Window motors both front sides
Arm rest door pulls both sides front.
Added 2x2 hitch for towing (truck has tow package)
Air idle control sensor
MAF sensor
ECT sensor
Rebuilt center bench seat storage box/ arm rest cover.

Repair Mods done for improvement of running in MPG or longer life.
Cost same as stock or even cheaper

Air tube from air cleaner to TB
Swiss cheesed air box (went back to stock)
K and N flat air filter
TB half shaft mod
Accel coil
Plug wires
From Stock MAF housing to 70mm housing (went back to stock)
Universal Cat (front cat hollow shell now)
TPS adjustment

Cat needs to now be redone again because of Calif law change and it being weak from rich running problem for a few years)
Cat back system with muffler and 2 1/4 pipes done 2002
Better/ larger battery
Not included are oil changes of any kind, tune ups or tires

Pearly wanted and for pleasure
Stock radio to Pioneer with Jensen amp (done back in 1997)
Floor mats (1996)


March 29, 2008
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92 XLT 4WD
Purchased my 1992 XLT 4x4 New. 156,000 miles of fun
replaced U Joint
Firestone replaced a set of tires
New shocks
2 batteries
replaced control arm bushings, need to do it again
need to replace 2 power windows motors
Xplorer has been a bargain to own.


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August 30, 2009
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warwick ri
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93 rangers stx
my 93 ranger got it 4 years ago
replace starter
shocks all 4
re build frount and rear diff new axel seal
u joints
brakes frount and rear
brake lines frounts


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Elite Explorer
April 1, 2012
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Salt Lake City, Utah
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1993 Explorer
Tranny has gone twice.
Main seal has a slow leak.
Oil pan has slow leak.
Rotors have been replaced at least once.
An 'incident' ended up toasting the alignment and U joints.
Door handle classic, broken on driver side door.
Passenger side Lock/Unlock doesn't work.
Check Engine light bulb burned out.
Rear leaf shackles completely rusted out to the point of having a hole through them.
Rear brake line went out.
Computer relay burned out.
Valve sensor burned out.
Mass air intake sensor burned out.

Considering I absolutely love my truck it was worth every penny to fix it. I got my Explorer at 180,000 miles and earlier this week it rolled 216,000 miles. It has never had the head taken off and never had engine problems.



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April 1, 2008
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Brookings Oregon
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M60A1 my first offroader
Bought my 94 3 years ago with 120,000 on it.

intake gaskets
radiator and hoses
steering box (leaking)
radius arm bushings
front wheel bearings
front brakes and rotors
plugs and wires
axle U joints
$1500 in body work to repair rust
rear shackles (rusted out)
Kenwood stereo
4 speakers,all falling apart
tranny flush
diff fluids changed
front U joint in drive shaft
I think that's it.Here is a photo from 2009 and this fall.:D

before body work


Now add in MAF sensor,complete tranny rebuild,exhaust from cat back and an alternator.That's about it,I figure somewhere in the $5-6000 range for repairs. I'm a glutton for punishment.:D

Now with 146,000 on her.:thumbsup: I wish one of you guys would trade me a nice 5.0 AWD for it....I miss mine.:(

mr cribb

US Army Retired
December 16, 2010
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Harviell, MO
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94 Chevy Z71, 93 X EB
I bought my 92 in Dec 2010 w/ 194,630 miles. Mine was a 1 owner impound over a 3rd DUI (NC law). It is a 4 door 2wd 5 speed truck.

The lot I got it from dealt mostly in DUI impounds, and had it listed for $1199. I traded a 94 single cab Ranger w/ 235k for it.

I had the water pump changed at the lot because it was leaking. $0
194k I changed the trans fluid which looked as though it hadn't been changed in years $15 (had fluid laying around)
194k serpentine belt $20
194k heater core $25
195k radiator and hoses $250
195k plugs and wires $80
195k flowmaster muffler $20 from craigslist
198k new battery terminals $10
200k battery $100
200k fenderwell solenoid $10
200k clutch and motorcraft slave cylinder $210 (shop labor was $100 for (2) 8hr days)
200k trans fluid $20, rear diff fluid $20
203k thermostat and gasket $10
203k trans mount $20
205k u joints $20
213k wheels and tires $200 (junkyard)

so far I have a total of $1120 invested in almost 18 months of ownership not counting fuel, oil changes, insurance, registration.

I am @ 215k as of tonight, my truck is used for pizza delivery mainly so lots of hard miles. As far as I know the engine hasn't been opened up. Overall I am very happy with my truck, I think it is far more reliable than the wife's Durango (much better on gas for sure).

Things that still need to be addressed: brakes/ bearings/ seals, replace the FACTORY motorcraft shocks (date of 11/27/91 is stamped on them), tie rods need replaced (I assume they are factory as well) and ball joints need replaced. I also need a new windshield and need to fix the A/C... honestly that's all that NEEDS to be replaced.