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1992 Explorer XLT *manual* 4x4


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August 27, 2001
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'95 Sport
I figure I'll give our Explorer family first crack at Chris's (Skunk) daily driver/beater first, before I put it on Craigslist. I'd like to see the ol' girl get a good home, if possible.

4.0 OHV
5 spd
147, 682 mi.
manual locking hubs

-New 4x4 hubs, 4wd works great
-New fuel pump, installed in March
-Runs like a champ, very quiet and reliable
-Aftermarket Pioneer head unit
-1998 'teardrop' Rims
-Chris installed an aftermarket alarm & keyless entry that works really well (there's also a remote start function, but he had problems with it starting in gear so he disabled it)
- There are HID bulbs in the headlights and the dash lights have been replaced with super bright leds
-Clutch works, but pedal has to be almost all the way out to engage. I believe it's going to need a new one at some point but it's been driven this way for a year and a half now with no problems.
-Doglegs/Rockers are rotted off (what a surprise!)
-Right valve cover leaks, if it's been sitting for a while it'll smoke.
-Hatch is finicky, sometimes won't open
-All the door pins are worn out so you really have to slam them

Tires have appx 30% life left (5/32 tread depth), front and rear brakes are pretty decent.

Other than the body being pretty beat up, she runs and drives just fine. Chris was kicking around the idea of fixing her up and lifting her (since Skunk has been down for 2+ years). Pa state inspection is still good until the end of the month. Asking $1,000 but I'm definitely negotiable. PM me and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.


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