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1992 Explorer XLT Pinging Problem. Tried EVERYTHING. HELP

Check & Replace the fuel pump Relay in the power dist box. ;)

Look under it and see if it has turned brown at all. The box itself is old, and has seen a lot of heat in it's days, and the heat breaks down the wire insulation, and the wires get hot, then they do not keep a solid connection, causing a poor amount of voltage to the relay, than the relay gets hot and weakens, or dies. This causes a drop in pressure from the pump under a load, causing your ping.

$15 for a lifetime relay, check the wiring under the box, replace as needed, you should be good to go. :)


P.S. If the gear selector is in OD and you mash it to the floor it will down shift into what you think is 3rd gear but it is in fact 3rd and 4th (OD) at the same time.

Same for city driving when selector is in OD, the OD drum is engaged at all times. It ads the 0.7:1 ratio to all the gears. Gives a smoother (slower) shift and under moderate acceleration will improve gas mileage.

I don't like it!
With 33's on 3:73's I manually shift to OD only after I get up to speed.

Also putting it in "D" changes the power valve position in the trans to high pressure position providing faster shifts and higher pressure on the clutch packs.

So even though the a4ld is known as AOD (Automatic Overdrive) transmission The manual clearly states that it is a "Manual" OD trans. Meaning it is up to the driver to control OD function.

On second gens they made it a little easier buy adding a push button on the shifter.

Why all the transmission talk on a PINGING question. Well I think many of us are "lugging" the engine-- full throttle at to low an rpm.

Very interesting... and educational. Thanks!

I would never thought of two gears engaged simultaneously, for a manual transmission it would be an instant painful death... but with A4LD I did some quick testing on a quiet road - indeed, at a steady 40 mph with the selector on OD (overdrive), tachometer reads 1700 rpms, switching to D immediately jumps rpms to 1900.

So I think I should develop a new driving habit - drive locally always on D, and only switch to OD on a highway. Kinda sucks... but should be easier on both the tranny and the engine.

weird gages

alternator contacts worn out -disconnecting-

hard on system take out alternator

brushes $6 but check stater if grooved out or no longer smooth replace alternator

easy job

running on battery untill no power at all hard on system gages gas gage stating full while near empty amp meter twang stuck and all the way left (relays closing and opening too much trying to charge battery that alternator is not conducting properly )

extended driving while condition exists with poor alternator contacts --battery will hold charge but no extended capacity

a dome light will have you running for a bat starter in morning

the final doom ---- crazy gages then found on roadside without power steering

running on battery cells new battery advised