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1992 Explorer

Kind of new to the forum. Signed up a while back but haven't posted much.

Explorer specs. mostly stock 4.0, built A4LD, manual 1354, HP44 front, 9" rear. Front has 5.13's, ARB, high steer. Rear is detroited, 5.14's with a currie case, disk brakes with caddi calipers. 4" custom Alcan leafs in the rear. 5.5" BC bronco's EB springs in the front with custom coil buckets. 1 ton drag link end steering. AC pump converted to on board air run to rear bumper. Tires are 36x12.5x15" TSL SX's.




I don't have a whole lot of pics of it. I usually go by myself and I don't have a camera.

This winter it's getting a 5.0 HO swap, AOD to NP208, HP 60 front with the same gears and locker as now, and a dana 70 rear with the same as now. I am also going to do a full exo and probably run 38's or 39.5's.


September 8, 2005
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Prattville, Alabama
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91 Eddie
zainyD said:
Jeep coils? I imagine those will flex very well.

nope, same ones AKBroncoII was running: 5.5" BC bronco's EB springs in the front