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1992 Ford Explorer ( CUSTOM ) Build new complete

April 16, 2009
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Victoria , B.C
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92 Explorer 4x4
Hi All !!!!

I am Matthew Boux out of Victoria B.C Canada.....

Just wanted to share my 92 build up of a Explorer XL 4x4

How I got it....
A friend from work, lol, said they had a "truck" for sale.....man she was in BAD shape when I found her. I paid $50 bux cdn.

I drove it for two years after doing major work to it, I will not go into detail.:rolleyes:

I found a 1980 302 v8 block complete, out of an f150. Tore the motor apart,bore and stroked it to 347, went forged crank, h-beam rods, K.B pistons, high lift cam, roller rockers, 10 thou deck on the heads with new tit. springs and valves, ported the heads on both sides and did the chambers. edelbrock top end, torker2 manifold marine issue(bigger water jackets), 900cfm carb,electric water pump,block hugger exhaust headers, remote oil filter and dual point ignition because I like it that way !!!! LOL rated around 450 hp in a small block :D and ran 3 " pipes off headers to rear on dual setup with x pipe exits on left and right just before back tires.:D and some chrome tips

Now......New motor built.....Tranny ??? I went with an AOD from an efi fullsize bronco 4x4, I modified the tail-section to accept the WONDERFUL NEW-PROCESS 205......and custom drive-shafts built front and rear with custom mounts ( high tower mounts to keep it close to body, I have a 4" body lift into it as well ) for engine and tranny and an extra one on the t-case going to frame rail on left side for strength.....;)
I used the stock fuel tank, took out the fuel pump and turned it into a pick-up and installed a 10 psi pump on frame rail.
I ditched both sway bars front and rear.
I installed a 5.5 inch SUPERLIFT kit, I am building custom radius arms now.
I have the superunner steering kit on order now be here soon.......:rolleyes:
I ripped out the whole a/c pump and condensor and all the other crap with it LOL to make ROOM for my beast engine and to sit the motor up higher.
I have 35" tires bf muds on american racing steel whites 15x8 5 on 4.5
rancho rs9000 all corners...gear ratio is 4.10 front/rear and locker in rear.
It is all in there and doing what it should but the steering is BAD bumpsteer is unbeliveable as to why I ordered the kit from SUPERLIFT part#1134 with drop arm.

This thing has 14.5 " lift over stock !!! I love it !!!! took 2 and half years so far and far from done but it is pretty cool to drive. the tires ~SHAKE~ when sitting at the lights idling like a freakin drag car !!!! and boy she lights up those big 35's like nothin and leaves two 12" strips behind for as long as you want really with the b&m shifter doin its thing......:cool:

Been a tough build, took my time with it, still not done, can post pics and would love to share advice for anyone that wants to put v8 power ( I have 450 hp ) in an explorer( small block ) I did not attempt a big block.....yet.

I will send pics and info to anyone who has questions, it is a tricky build but worth it if you want it.

CHEERS !!!! :exp:

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Post the pics up here. You can host them on photobucket and paste the image codes here. Sounds like a sick build!

haha, I knew all would want pics......workin on it now.....alot to sort through !!!!

ok, still sorting pics, ran down to parkade and snapped some pics for all to see for now...








let me know what you all think ????????

looks like you have some camber issues in that first picture. otherwise ...

very, very cool:thumbsup:

Click the bottom link to get his bigger pics. Usually to show the actual pictures here, copy the link that has the img tags. But anyway the truck looks good.

yes, i do, LOL waiting on superrunner steering kit, doing new ball joints and putting in adjustable camber sleeves. should fix the problem.

Looks sick. Under the hood is the best part:thumbsup:

Thanks, the motor is the best part......i agree LOL

any advice ???? mods or ideas ???? input is the way to learn......

more pics soon....

I just finished welding up new radius arm mounting brackets, they will mount to the frame rail via two big bolts and locking nuts,the new arms I am making are 22" longer then the stock ones......should help with the suspension travel. I am thinking I want to do the dana 44 knuckle conversion at the same time I install new radius arms, I have researched it, cost round $500 for both sides to do it. I do not want to put locker in the front diff, as I am sure my hp and heavy foot will cause ALOT of breakage. I am trying to source out a pair of Rockwell axles...... with diff brakes and other stuff like hydro steer.When I started the build I went drive train 1st, now trying to fix all the "weak links"

drool........ very jelous. wish i had the mony and time to put a motor like that in my x

Sweet as mate, awesome!!!









just some more pic's i found, the one with me next to the truck is an OLD one, 1 month after I got the X from friend at work back in 02. 1st thing I did was the body lift of 4", kit from performance accessories, it is a good kit. I did modify it thou, better grade 8 bolts and huge washers and 1 hockey puck for every mount, was a 3 inch kit now a 4".
I wheeled it as it was for two years, blew the headgaskets on both sides :rolleyes: and drowned the truck twice :nono: , never did hydrolock on me and mostly made it home from bush. Then I started to get that famous lifter noise from the 4.0 :rolleyes: , worse and worse it got, I was not tearing it apart again to fix it so........JUNK !!!! only time i left it in the bush was when the passenger side studs in the disc all came out after a bit of a bump, the wheel went down a hill 700ft or so....lol :eek: but i was able to stop the truck from 60 kmh pretty quick LOL. Then I did not do much to it but let it sit after i gutted it and stockpile parts for about a year and a half. My Dad and I built the motor together as a father son project he is almost 62 I am 28 so it was interesting as we both have our own way LOL :rolleyes: The blue Blazer is my in-law's, gone to chevy heaven. I am still looking for the motor build pic's they are pretty cool, show's all the custom work being done, porting before and after shots and all that kinda stuff.
I just got a lead on the Rear Rockwell axle out of a military truck I am gonna grab it for $750 bux, guy said it needs work, now I gotta find a front. and the hydro steer kit is gonna cost $$$$ too. So i guess I am stock piling parts for a bit again LOL.

Lookin good man.....nice job.















found some more pic's, I can not find the one's of new parts before they went in block, nice shots they were.......

with all the views my threads had, there is not many comments ????? good or bad I am not sure......LOL:D
the AOD trans is painted a light grey with same yellow on pan as block and the t-case was rebuilt and painted same yellow as well.
I think I will do the 203/205 doubler setup with the Rockwell axles, I picked up the rear one, me and dad are tearing it apart now, gotta find a front or two front one's so I can have rear steer as well :rolleyes: , one step at a time and other priority's 1st, wife and kid LOL.

i'd say "nasty" fits it perfectly.

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Damn, same color as the one that I loved for 7 awesome years. I wish I could have built her up like that. I need more money, LOL!

With 2 project cars on the go, I have neither time or money!