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1992 Ford explorer xlt premium system help!


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November 11, 2004
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Alta, Wy
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92 XLT
Hey I have been searching the internet for days and cannot find anything that will help me with my problem, hopefully someone here can please help me.

Ok, so I bought this ford explorer 1992 four door xlt and I took out the old factory tape player to install my new aftermarket pioneer DEH-P3600. When I took the factory tape player out I broke the speaker wiring harness so I had to cut that off and now I have all these weird colors. So after days of searching I found out how to decode those colors and I got it all hooked up. The Power works and everything except there is no sound what did I do wrong? Let me tell you some things that I think might be a factor. 1. there are no front speakers I took those out to put new ones in but havent put them in yet. 2. Some sparks flew when I was connecting the power wires togethor I think the yellow wire touched another wire or something. So thats everything please please help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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Did you hook up the amp turn on wire. Should be the blue and white wire on any aftermarket harness.


No there isn't one, someone told me to get an amp bypass kit though? wouldn that work?

there is one one the dehp 3600. or it has been removed from the radio harness. if that is not there splice a wire into the red wire (remote power) and run the extra wire to any left over wires i cant think of the color but i might look at mine later today to see. hope this helps

well I know there is one on my pioneer but I'm talking about in the car.

Hey Thanks alot man I hooked those up, and what you know it worked! Damnit I ordered an amp bypass harness for no reason.

I had that problem in my 94...forgot about the amp...after 15 minutes of sitting there, I remembered and plugged it in...hahah....

glad to hear it works

ok.. im having the same issue, the wires that are not connected from the wiring harness are dimmer pos. and neg. two blue wires, one that is the power antenna, another with a white stripe. now from the receiver end i have just the R.E.M not hooked up... whats the issue? i dont have an amp in the vehicle. and the wiring harness is odd... one thats flat another that is a square box. when i look for another harness online they don't match. help please

How do you know you don't have a stock amp? If you're not getting any sound after hooking everything up, it sounds like you do.. I'm not positive about 92's, but when you say you have a flat and square harness plug, that's the same type from my 97 which has a stock amp.. How many wires are on the square (speaker) harness? If there's nine, then you have a stock amp, and the 9th wire is the amp ground, which you can twist in with your stereo/chassis ground connection.. The dimmer wires don't have to be connected, but on the flat plug you should have an amp turn on wire - this gets connected to the power antenna wire from your stereo..

Not knowing all the specifics tho, I'm just speculating on what the problem is by the info you provided.. There's been probably 1000's of people who've tried to upgrade their Explorer stereo, not knowing about the stock amp, which has caused tons of hassle, and cost them wasted money bringing it to an install shop.. And alot of the guys even at the install shops don't know all the specifics of these vehicles' stereos and will try and charge big money.

the square harness is the speaker wiring harness, the rectangle is the power harness, with dimmers, and everything else. its so odd. i havnt seen any amp in the vehicle. where would the amp be located at anyway?

it's under the rear pass. quarter panel and you do have one. i looked on ebay at harnesses for that model range and it's the same situation as a 97. if you wanna wire the stock amp up, re-read my other post. if you want to properly bypass the amp, then you'll need something like this - http://tinyurl.com/28n24r2

hmm ill have to look for it.

well you don't have to get to it just to get your system running for now.. you just need to connect those 2 wires i mentioned.